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Will the Telangana Congress Government teach a lesson to the corrupted Khawaja Moinuddin Telangana Waqf Property Affairs Officer? : Matiur Rahman Aziz

New Delhi (News Release): For the past fifteen years, the land of Telangana, particularly the capital Hyderabad, had been grappling with a life overshadowed by servitude and the plight of the helpless, ever since attaining freedom. However, the leadership of the Congress party had asserted a commitment to educate and reform professional wrongdoers in Telangana, especially those seated in the stronghold of Hyderabad, with the backing of the state government. The actions that resonated with the public, particularly the residents of Hyderabad, led them to believe that, for the first time after independence, an opportunity to breathe in a clean atmosphere free from the shadow of hooliganism had presented itself. Hence, they felt inclined to support this endeavor. Utilizing unjust means, the Hyderabad mafia managed to secure their interests in the land, while the government in Telangana that supported hooligans came to an end. Now, under the Congress government in Telangana, there is a concerted effort to systematically bring each errant criminal to justice. Old scores are being settled with those professional wrongdoers who had prospered at the expense of their masters, amassing wealth for themselves as well.

Khawaja Moinuddin, a figure of notable influence, is currently overseeing the affairs of Waqf properties in Telangana with a certain finesse. Despite facing numerous allegations, he has managed to garner support from influential patrons and the backing of the Telangana government. Before assuming the role of the officer for Waqf property affairs, Khawaja Moinuddin held the position of Hyderabad Traffic Police Commissioner, where he faced allegations of impropriety and money laundering. However, leveraging his political connections and the lenient policies of the Telangana government, he was elevated to a higher rank and appointed as the custodian of Waqf properties. The professional wrongdoer Khawaja Moinuddin, currently serving as the officer for Waqf land matters in Telangana, has a myriad of crimes to his name. However, the present Congress government is selectively highlighting just a few instances to showcase an overview. One such incident involves an alleged misdeed by Khawaja Moinuddin in a residence located at 8-2-293-82, Road No. 86, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. Here, he purportedly took control and fabricated documents while the rightful owners were engaged in legal proceedings at other locations. Subsequently, he evaded security guards and fled, distributing jewelry and cash found in the residence among his associates. Some of his culpable associates, in fear of the potential exposure of their wrongdoings, recorded videos as testimony for all these affairs. Subsequently, driven by the apprehension of legal consequences, these videos were presented at various locations. A criminal complaint resembling Khawaja Moinuddin was officially filed on June 14, 2021. Upon observing the situation following their opportunistic endeavors, the employees of the Hira jewelers contacted the police helpline after taking stock of the residence. However, Khawaja Moinuddin, leveraging the political influence of his patrons, neither departed from the location nor did an official criminal complaint get registered against him. Despite making numerous attempts to contact the police from front of the bungalow for hours on end, assistance did not arrive.

Crimes of such nature have unfortunately become prevalent in Telangana, especially in the vicinity of Hyderabad. The public, having witnessed and heard about these incidents, maintains a silent demeanor due to the influence of assertive local leaders. Their reluctance to intervene is attributed to the prevailing circumstances of strong-arm tactics employed by the government in that region. The roads of Hyderabad have unfortunately witnessed daylight acts of violence, and the grasp of the land mafia has extended over new vacant plots and numerous endowed properties, becoming a common occurrence. The administrative authorities, aligning with the influence of these local leaders, find themselves entangled with the coercive powers associated with governmental control. The public has been relatively powerless since half a century, as they were consistently marginalized within the framework of the government. With the recent change in administration, each case is gradually coming to light, and there is hope that the Congress government, having assumed office with the promise of holding wrongdoers, criminals, and unjust officers accountable, will bring justice to fruition. Therefore, it is now time for the Congress, mindful of its commitment, to first apprehend those wrongdoers who, with audacity supported by government patronage, committed crimes boldly and perpetrated atrocities with impunity. Khawaja Moinuddin and individuals involved in the affairs of endowed lands should promptly and decisively be relieved of their positions, and the government must determine to what extent these criminally inclined persons, resembling their patrons, have tainted the integrity of the state of Telangana, particularly nurturing crime in Hyderabad.

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