The annual convocation of Jamia Niswan Al-Salafiya Tirupati has concluded with resounding success, marking another milestone in its distinguished academic journey.

A considerable cohort of learned scholars, numbering five thousand, are actively engaged in educational pursuits worldwide : Dr. Nowhera Shaikh

Ismail Sheikh extols the virtue of enlightened parenthood, recognizing the profound significance of instilling religious education in their offspring

New Delhi (News Release: Matiur Rahman Aziz) In a recent press release from New Delhi, penned by Mutiur Rahman Aziz, it was revealed that Jamia Niswan Al- Salafiya Ulama stands as a bastion of both traditional and modern education, thriving under the esteemed patronage of Dr. Noheera Sheikh. This esteemed institution prides itself on providing exemplary facilities and adorned surroundings for its female students, who are immersed in the teachings of Qala Allah and Qala  Rasool. The annual gathering of Jamia Niswan Al-Salafiya convened on the serene Sunday of March 3rd, further cementing its commitment to academic excellence and spiritual enlightenment. During the event, graced by the esteemed presence of Ms. Bilqis Sheikh, affectionately regarded as the venerable matriarch of Jamia Niswan Al-Salafiya, along with the distinguished Patron-in-Chief, Ms. Mubarak Sheikh Al-Masi, and the esteemed Deputy Patron-in-Chief and Administrator, Mrs. Nawaz, attendees were enraptured by the profound insights shared during the eloquent addresses. Among the throngs of participants were parents of female students and countless other individuals from across the nation, all of whom found themselves uplifted and inspired by the enlightening discourse delivered by the esteemed speakers. Commencing promptly at the hour of ten in the morning, the program commenced with soul-stirring recitations from the Holy Quran, accompanied by melodious Naat performances and hymns. Delightful melodious hymns were rendered by the young girls, adding a touch of innocence and charm to the proceedings. Following this, students eloquently delivered their speeches In a multilingual spectrum, including Arabic, Urdu, English, and Telugu languages, showcasing the diverse linguistic talents nurtured within the Institution. As the clock approached half past two in the afternoon, the program gracefully drew to a close, culminating in a harmonious blend of spiritual enrichment and intellectual discourse. Following the midday prayer, patrons accompanied their wards, departing for their respective destinations after partaking in a sumptuous meal graciously provided by the hospitable hosts at Jamia Niswan Al-Salafia. Noteworthy preparations for this esteemed event were meticulously overseen by the indomitable spirit of Ms. Bilqis  Sheikh, affectionately revered as the spirited grandmother of Jamia Niswan Al-Salafia, and Mr. Ismail Sheikh, the esteemed Deputy Patron-in-Chief. Their discerning eye and dedicated efforts ensured that every detail was attended to with utmost care and precision, creating an ambiance of elegance and grace befitting the occasion.It is imperative that visitors and esteemed patrons traveling from distant locales encounter no impediments during their journey. It is worth emphasizing that Jamia Niswan Al-Salafiya stands as the preeminent bastion of religious education in India, providing a nurturing environment where female students are afforded the highest caliber of educational amenities akin to those found in five-star establishments. This commitment to excellence has garnered nationwide recognition, prompting families from every corner of the country to aspire towards securing admission for their daughters within the revered halls of this esteemed institution.

            In her distinguished address, Dr. Nowhera Sheikh, the esteemed founder and patron of Jamia Niswan Al-Salafiya, imparted invaluable wisdom to the young ladies under her care. Prior to addressing the esteemed gathering comprising patrons, esteemed guests, and dignitaries from distant horizons, faculty members and administrators extended heartfelt felicitations on the momentous occasion of the university’s twenty-fifth annual convocation. With a profound sense of continuity and dedication, they expressed gratitude for the unwavering support received since the inception of this esteemed institution, emphasizing their steadfast commitment to its noble mission. As we gather today for the auspicious occasion of our twenty-fifth annual meeting, we are deeply humbled and gratified by the journey that has brought us to this momentous milestone. It Is with profound gratitude to the Almighty, the Sovereign of the cosmos, that we reflect upon the blessings and guidance bestowed upon us. Through His divine providence, a vision born from humble beginnings, depicted on a mere fragment of paper, has flourished into a beacon of enlightenment and empowerment for approximately five thousand young women across the nation, nurtured within the halls of Jamia Niswan Al-Salafiya.Indeed, the transformative power of education, infused with the spirit of supplication and scholarly excellence, has not only enriched the lives of our students but has also bestowed upon us the sacred responsibility of serving as conduits for enlightenment and guidance, transcending geographical boundaries to touch lives across the globe.We express our heartfelt gratitude to the Almighty, the Sovereign of the cosmos, countless times over for the myriad blessings bestowed upon us. It fills us with profound joy to receive messages of commendation and appreciation from individuals across the globe, who attest to the remarkable contributions of the scholars, memorizers of the Quran, and propagators of knowledge nurtured within the esteemed corridors of Jamia Niswan Al-Salafiya. The knowledge that our alumni are disseminating wisdom and nurturing minds in diverse corners of the world, as relayed through numerous telephone calls and electronic correspondences, fills us with an immense sense of pride and fulfillment. It is a testament to the boundless benevolence of the Almighty, the Lord of the Worlds, who has graciously afforded us the opportunity to partake in this noble endeavor.

            In his esteemed address to the esteemed gathering, Deputy Patron General Mr. Ismail Shaikh, may he be blessed and granted peace, extended heartfelt commendations to all present, acknowledging their gracious presence despite the demands of their hectic schedules. He reflected on the profound truth that when one is favored by the Divine, their heart is infused with a deep appreciation for the significance of religious education. Entrusting one’s daughters to the care of Jamia Niswan Al-Salafiya with unwavering confidence serves as a poignant testament to this sacred bond of spiritual affection and devotion.Mr. Ismail Sheikh, in his profound interpretation of a Quranic verse, eloquently conveyed the timeless message: “O people, fear Allah, and let every soul reflect on what it has prepared for the morrow.” Such admonition underscores the essence of piety, a concept deeply ingrained within the sacred verses of the Qur’an. Piety, whether perceptible to the human eye or not, remains a divine virtue wherein the omnipresent gaze of Allah, the Sovereign of the Worlds, holds sway. This noble state of consciousness, termed piety, entails the cultivation of reverence and mindfulness in the hearts of believers. Additionally, the Deputy Administrator of Jamia, Mr. Abdul Aziz, captivated the audience with his melodious rendition of a poignant poem, dedicated to the revered Aalima Dr. Nowhera Shaikh and the esteemed assembly, further enriching the spiritual ambiance of the gathering.

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