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IGNOU holds Inauguration-cum-induction meeting for Post Graduate Certificate in Medical Management of CBRNE Disasters (PGCMDM) Programme

Inauguration-cum-induction meeting for Post Graduate Certificate in Medical Management of CBRNE Disasters (PGCMDM) Programme was held on 04th April, 2024. This programme was organized in light of the large number of sponsorships for the programme from military, para-military and civilian organizations. DGAFMS sponsoring 17 medical officers in each session from 2022, CAPF sponsoring 6 medical officers from July 2020. For the January 2024 batch NDRF has sponsored 11, BSF 14, DGHS 12, Reliance industries 4 and ESIC 2 medical doctors. Many non-sponsored medical doctors also joined the programme. A total of 81 medical officers have taken admission in January, 2024 session. The programme was initiated by Prof. (Dr.) Ruchika Kuba, Director, SOHS who gave an overview of the programme and introduced the guests. She reiterated that the programme has been developed in collaboration with INMAS DRDO and has received support from DGAFMS, DRDO, CAPF, IDS (medical), and premier medical institutions and NDMA, etc. during planning and development. The programme has been prepared with contributions from scientists especially from INMAS, DRDE, AIIMS, Manipal and AMS doctors. The programme is implemented through premiere institutions of the country like AIIMS Bhopal, AIIMS Rishikesh, AIIMS Jodhpur, NIMS Hyderabad and R&R Hospital, Delhi Cantt. This programme is the first certified programme in the country for training medical doctors especially in the civilian sector in the area of medical management of Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear Explosive disasters. Director, SOHS invited Lt. Gen. Dr. Daljit Singh, Director General, AVSM, VSM, PHS, Chief Guest of the occasion presently the Director General, Directorate General of Armed Forces Medical Services for his inaugural address. He has been appointed as Senior Colonel Commandant of Army Medical Corps. and Honorary Surgeon (PHS) to the President of India. Dr. Daljit Singh drew the attention of the audience to the various CBRNE disasters over the years like the Bhopal Gas Tragedy, COVID-19, Fukushima etc. He appreciated the efforts of the Programme Coordinator Dr. Ruchika Kuba and congratulated IGNOU on the initiatives of delivering this important and certified programme for medical doctors which is the need of the hour. Pro-Vice Chancellor, Dr. Srikant Mohapatra thanked the various sponsoring agencies for realizing the importance of this programme in building the manpower resource and sponsoring medical officers of their respective organisations. He congratulated the learners of this progarmme who have taken upon themselves to build their competencies in the area of CBRNE. He further urged them to complete the programme within the stipulated period. Dr. Ruchika invited Guest of Honor, Dr. Atul Goel, presently Director General, DGHS,  MOHFW and Director of National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) to deliver his address. Dr. Atul Goel mentioned that the recent G-20 event brought to light the need for creating a trained manpower resource for medical management of casualties of CBRNE disasters. He drew attention to the fact that gaps and deficiencies still exist in even the premiere institutions of the country in dealing with management of CBRNE Disasters victims. Guest of Honour, Shri Mohsen Shahedi, DIG, NDRF was invited to deliver his address. Dr. Ruchika introduced Shri Mohsen Shahedi having served in all the three theatres of militancy, insurgency and left-wing extremism, commanded Rapid Action Force (RAF). She also mentioned that he has been conferred with Police Medal for Meritorious Service in 2016, with President’s Police Medal for Distinguished Service in 2022 and awarded UN Medal in the service of peace twice. Shri Mohsen Shahedi brought to light the need for capacity building of not only the doctors but also the civilians in handling the emergencies and disasters related to the CBRNE scenario. He urged IGNOU to consider developing training programmes for the general public to become aware about such situations. Vice Chancellor IGNOU Prof. Nageshwar Rao in his address also thanked the organizations for sponsoring the candidates. He also appreciated the efforts of the school for bringing out innovative initiatives and using technology to effectively deliver socially relevant and practically oriented courses. One of the experts, Dr. Mudit Sharma Ex-Army Doctor who was involved in the preparation of the programme as also one of the academic counselors also connected through SKYPE video call. He appreciated IGNOU’s initiative and stressed the importance of such training programmes in the current scenario.The inaugural session concluded with a vote of thanks delivered by Dr. Ruchika Kuba, Director, SOHS to all the dignitaries, officials of IGNOU, Learner Support Centres, Faculty and students.

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Paigam Madre Watan

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Paigam Madre Watan

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