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Holiday for Eid al-Adha at Jamia Niswan Al-Salafiyah, Tirupati

Aalimah Dr. Nowhera Shaikh extends her heartfelt best wishes to all the female students.

New Delhi (Release: Matiur Rahman Aziz): The commencement of the Eid-ul-Adha holiday has been scheduled from June 10 to June 23 at Jamia Niswan Al-Salafia, an esteemed institution located in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh. During this period, guardians came to escort their daughters home and participated in the inaugural guardian meeting of the academic year. This significant gathering aimed to provide guidance and insights from the responsible authorities at the Jamia. The meeting was held under the esteemed patronage of Sheikh Abdul Aziz Mughal, the Nazim of the administration. During this session, the speakers engaged in a comprehensive discussion with the students and their guardians, focusing on the factors affecting their home environments and the necessary corrections. They emphasized that the madrassa serves as a system of training, and the students should return to their homes with a commitment to implement the teachings they have received with utmost sincerity and devotion to godliness. The speakers further acknowledged the dedication of the students, likening their time in educational institutions to a period of fasting, symbolizing discipline and self-restraint. They encouraged the guardians and students to carry forward the principles and values instilled in them at the madrassa, fostering an environment of spiritual growth and ethical living in their personal lives. The diligent observance of the five daily prayers within the institution serves as a cornerstone of the students’ spiritual discipline. The ultimate aim is that when the students return to their homes, they not only continue this practice amidst their free and busy lives but also inspire and guide their families in worship. The students are encouraged to extend their influence beyond personal worship, taking an active role in the spiritual and moral upbringing of their parents, siblings, and neighbours. This responsibility encompasses the education and training of resident women and children, fostering a nurturing and enlightened community. Just as a tree provides shade and comfort to all who seek refuge under its branches, a girl educated in a university becomes a beacon of guidance and support for her neighborhoods and towns. Her knowledge and moral integrity serve as a protective canopy, enriching and uplifting those around her. The metaphor of the shade tree underscores the expansive and benevolent impact that an educated and virtuous individual can have on her community, promoting an environment of mutual growth, understanding, and spiritual well-being.
The esteemed founder of Jamia Niswan Al-Salafiya, the distinguished Dr. Nowhera Shaikh, has conveyed her heartfelt wishes to all her students, whom she affectionately regards as her own daughters. Dr. Nowhera Shaikh has frequently articulated that establishing Jamia Niswan Al-Salafiya stands as the most significant accomplishment of her life. In her speeches, she has openly shared the myriad of challenges and sacrifices she has endured to ensure that this institution remains ever-vibrant and continues to flourish like a fruitful tree. Due to the unwavering dedication and profound passion of Aalima Dr. Nowhera Shaikh, Jamia Niswan Al-Salafiya has achieved the remarkable distinction of being the first residential hostel in India, and indeed the entire subcontinent, to be endowed with facilities of a five-star calibre. This achievement is a testament to her resolute determination and visionary leadership. The journey of Dr. Nowhera Shaikh, from managing a modest rented madrasa to establishing a premier religious residential institution at a substantial investment, epitomizes her extraordinary commitment and perseverance. This transformation evokes a parallel to the historical metamorphosis of the Kaaba: initially a site housing 360 idols, it was divinely transformed into the epicentre of monotheistic worship by Allah. Through her exceptional efforts, Dr. Nowhera Shaikh has not only realized her dream but has also set a sterling example of dedication, vision, and transformative leadership in the realm of religious education.
In her recent address, the esteemed founder and patron of Jamia Niswan Al-Salafiya, Dr. Nowhera Sheikh, imparted invaluable advice to the young women of the institution. Before addressing the esteemed patrons, honored guests, distinguished visitors from afar, dedicated teachers, and diligent administrators, she extended her heartfelt congratulations on the occasion of the twenty-fifth annual convocation of the university. Dr. Nowhera Sheikh reflected with profound sentiment on her journey with the institution, remarking on the unwavering collective strength that has propelled them forward since its inception. With the grace of Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, she expressed immense joy in celebrating this significant milestone. She conveyed her deepest gratitude for the countless blessings bestowed by Allah, the Lord of the Worlds. What began as a visionary dream sketched on an incomplete piece of paper has blossomed into a reality, with approximately five thousand girls from across the nation having received education at Jamia Niswan Al-Salafiya. These young women have not only become scholars (dua’ah), graduates (fazilah), and memorizers of the Quran (Hafiza), but have also emerged as guiding lights, illuminating paths for others both within India and across the globe. For this profound achievement, Dr. Nowhera Sheikh offered boundless thanks to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds. She shared the immense pride and joy she feels when people from all corners of the world reach out via phone and email to commend the ulama, hafiza, and da’iya who have graduated from Jamia Niswan Al-Salafiya. Their contributions to teaching and spreading knowledge globally are a source of immense pride and a testament to the greatness of Allah. Dr. Nowhera Sheikh’s heart overflows with gratitude for the divine opportunity to partake in such a noble endeavor, recognizing it as a manifestation of Allah’s boundless generosity and wisdom.
Deputy Patron General, Mr. Ismail Shaikh, may God bless him and grant him peace, addressed the audience with a heartfelt message of congratulations, acknowledging the significant effort and dedication shown by all who traveled from various parts of the country to attend this momentous gathering, despite their demanding schedules. Mr. Shaikh emphasized a profound truth: when Allah Ta’ala favors an individual, He instills in their heart a deep appreciation for the value of religious education. The act of sending their daughters to Jamia Niswan Al-Salafiya with unwavering trust is a manifestation of this divine affection and love for religious knowledge. Quoting a verse from the Quran, Mr. Ismail Shaikh conveyed, "O people, fear Allah, and let every soul judge what it has prepared for tomorrow.” He elaborated on the concept of piety, or Taqwa, which Allah Ta’ala has highlighted in the Quran. Piety, he explained, is the consciousness that whether seen or unseen by others, one’s actions are always observed by Allah, the Lord of the Worlds. Cultivating this awareness in one’s heart is the essence of true piety. Furthermore, the Deputy Administrator of the Jamia, Mr. Abdul Aziz, graced the occasion with a captivating poem dedicated to Aalima Dr. Nowhera Shaikh and the audience. His mesmerizing voice added a touch of eloquence and reverence to the proceedings, leaving a lasting impression on all present. Through these eloquent addresses and poetic expressions, the spirit of gratitude, piety, and the profound importance of religious education were beautifully underscored, enriching the significance of the twenty-fifth annual convocation of Jamia Niswan Al-Salafiya.

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