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My fight will be against injustice and oppression

An address from Aalima Dr.Nowhera Sheikh to her party members.

New Delhi (Release/Matiur Rahman Aziz): All India Mahila Empowerment Party’s National President and renowned social worker, Dr. Nowhera Sheikh, today released a video addressing her party workers and leaders, clearly outlining the party’s objectives and goals. In the video, Dr. Nowhera Sheikh, the National President, stated that her fight is not against any specific individual or party. Our fight will be against the widespread lawlessness, helplessness, oppression, and injustice prevailing in the country. The All India Mahila Empowerment Party will not allow anyone to join the party by paying money, nor does it harbor the desire to take money from any candidate to give them a party ticket. Dr. Nowhera Sheikh emphasized that the greatest injustice and dishonesty stems from a party making a candidate by demanding money from them and fielding them in elections from a particular area.Because a person who contests the election by spending fifteen crores of rupees will, after winning, first try to recover several percentage points more from the common people who voted for him. How can such a person serve his fellow countrymen and how can he be beneficial to the people? The expenditures on election campaigns to establish oneself in the field of electoral competition involve spending money. When a person gives such a large sum to political parties, they will not be able to do anything for public service; instead, such individuals and parties will strive day and night to extract the hard-earned money of the people. Therefore, the most crucial step to eliminate injustice and dishonesty from the country is to sever the relationship of giving and taking between election candidates and political parties. AalimaDr. Nowhera Sheikh stated that if any MLA, MP, or government officer oppresses and commits atrocities against the people in any corner of the country, our party will stand up for the rights of the oppressed and work for justice. It is observed and witnessed that if a poor person, in order to earn a livelihood and arrange for the daily bread for his children, sells something on a small shop or footpath, government officials, be they police or administrative officers, reach there to collect money daily and weekly. This is entirely unjust and unfair. This is the means of spreading oppression, theft, robbery, and crime in the country. If a poor person is forced to resort to begging instead of helping him earn a halal livelihood, the impoverished individual, feeling helpless and desperate, may turn to alcohol and substance abuse, becoming careless about his own life and indifferent to family and loved ones. He may resort to violence against his children and wife, escalate towards theft and robbery because when that poor person, striving for a dignified means of earning, is deprived of his rightful earnings for his children through daily or weekly collections, he is left with no choice but to take extreme measures. Therefore, it is crucial to break the morale of such government-supported or unjust officers and leaders through effective administration. This will encourage the public to progress in their hard work, earn a lawful livelihood, and responsibly manage the education and upbringing of their children.The All India Women Empowerment Party’s national president, Dr. Nowhera Sheikh, stated in her recent address that the party’s slogan is "Justice for Humanity.” Therefore, it should be clear to everyone that our party has come forward not only to eliminate this division but also to sow the seeds against the politics of caste, creed, and sectarianism across the country. The land of our country has been enriched by millions of individuals who, despite the flames of sectarianism, have flourished their lives. While it is well-known that "the people of our country may not share the same religion, but they are our compatriots,” and being compatriots is no less than being part of any community or caste. Our neighbor, whether he accepts any class, sect, or ethnicity, is our fellow countryman. When any difficulty or trouble comes upon us, our neighbor and fellow countryman stand by us in both joy and sorrow.Those engaged in dirty and sectarian politics have divided brother against brother in the country in the name of caste and creed, fueling hatred among the people and leading to incidents of mob lynching. This, in turn, has tarnished the peace and atmosphere of our country. Our party, AIMEP, is committed to eradicating this curse of sectarianism and casteism on a national scale and reaching every individual.

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Paigam Madre Watan

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