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Hyderabad, Travel Point Owner Qazi Najmuddin murder mystery

Will the new Congress government in Telangana be able to resolve it? – Matiur Rahman Aziz”

New Delhi (News Release) In the tenure of the previous government in Telangana, the state witnessed an unfortunate rise in criminal activities and the presence of individuals with a criminal background was quite pronounced. Meanwhile, the capital city of Telangana, Hyderabad, faced challenges with a significant escalation in instances characterized by impropriety, unfortunate incidents of violence, and illicit activities such as theft and robbery, reaching an alarming percentile of 90%.
The figures in the power in Hyderabad were expressing a desire for more autonomy, emphasizing a sentiment that they should have the freedom to make choices for themselves. They conveyed a perception that their city is currently undergoing a period of heightened sensitivity, and there is a feeling that the government is responsive to subtle cues rather than being entirely self-directed. The Congress government successfully conveyed to the people of Telangana in the 2023 elections that, should they come into power, they would eradicate, in a firm and decisive manner, the elements causing discord on the land of Telangana and particularly in Hyderabad, ensuring the elimination of those engaged in unlawful activities.
The people of Telangana, particularly those in Hyderabad, embraced this promise, extending wholehearted support to the Congress. Through a collaborative effort, the Congress, along with the TRS and AIMIM, dismantled the syndicate of criminal elements, presenting a united front against organized crime. The All India Majlis-e-Ittehad-ul-Muslimeen faced considerable challenges but managed to safeguard its ancestral land, a feat well-acknowledged by the vigilant citizens of Hyderabad. However, it’s essential to note that the discussion here revolves not around politics but rather delves into matters of political thuggery, violence, and the unfortunate incidents of crime and looting.
In the detailed account, the unfortunate incident unfolded in the Aafiya Plaza building in the Masab Tank area of Hyderabad, where Qazi Najmuddin, the proprietor of a travel agency named “Travel Point” dealing with overseas employment, was ruthlessly murdered in front of his spouse and children. The human psyche cannot fathom such events, and unfortunately, numerous incidents like these continue to cast a shadow over the land of Hyderabad, with their perpetrator, Agha, lingering unperturbed before the eyes of the law enforcement agencies.
Despite many occurrences where no action was taken, and with little hope for future developments, it raises the question of whether the newly formed government in Telangana, with its commitment to address crimes, will turn its focused attention towards unveiling these criminal activities. Or, on the contrary, will it succumb to the mercy and favoritism of local politicians, subjecting the apprehensive populace of Telangana, especially Hyderabad, to a life marred by fear and uncertainty. Qazi Najmuddin, the owner of Travel Point, spent his entire life raising his voice against the local hooligans affiliated with political leaders, expressing his concerns to the police and the government, but unfortunately, remained consistently unsuccessful in conveying that his life was under threat from these regional leaders. Musab Tank’s political thug, Shabaz Ahmed Khan, was repeatedly mentioned in this context. Finally, he decided to depart from this world, emphasizing the imminent danger to his life posed by these political predators and their criminal associates. However, the law enforcement agencies in Telangana, including the CR and AIMIM, seldom paid attention to this matter.
Whenever Qazi Najmuddin raised his voice, whether addressing the central or state government, or garnering attention from the public and media, the response was not one of comfort. Instead, threats were issued, and intimidation tactics were employed, including sending police warnings to individuals associated with his travel agency. The business-oriented individual, Qazi Najmuddin, was never allowed to peacefully pursue his life. Ultimately, he met a cruel fate, brutally murdered with knives in broad daylight on the roadside. The person suspected to be the main perpetrator not only raises doubts about his involvement in the heinous crime but also has numerous pieces of evidence supporting his culpability. Astonishingly, after this atrocious act, he is freely roaming outside the country, portraying a lifestyle as if, following this despicable incident, he received not just millions in reward but spent his entire life traveling luxuriously, funded generously by his masters, as if pockets overflowing with money were extended to him for a lifetime of revelry.
In conclusion, the success of the new Congress government in Telangana hinges upon whether it will bring justice to the victims like Qazi Najmuddin, Musab Tank, Aafiya Plaza, and Travel Point’s proprietor. Will they prevail in delivering justice, or will the city of Hyderabad witness the continuation of an opulent life for entrenched political bullies, leaving the oppressed to wander in search of elusive justice? The hope rests on the Congress government to channel its focus towards ensuring justice and fairness for the wronged.

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