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My primary objective will be to wage war against corrupt and malevolent individuals: Aalima Dr Nowhera Shaikh

Dr. Nowhera Shaikh accuses Owaisi of harboring intense hatred and contempt towards women

            New Delhi (Release: Matiur Rahman Aziz) Asad Owaisi, the Member of Parliament from Hyderabad, has exhibited an egregious disdain for women, evidenced by his vehement opposition to the Women Bill during its deliberation in the Parliament. Such contempt is palpable when juxtaposed against the nationwide consensus in favor of empowering women. The stark contrast is further accentuated by the fact that while the nation was poised to enact progressive legislation, two representatives of the All India Majlis Ittehad Muslimeen, including Owaisi, brazenly espoused their antipathy towards women, thereby setting a reprehensible example. Moreover, Owaisi’s palpable trepidation in the presence of Dr. Nowhera Sheikh is particularly perplexing. Despite fifteen years having elapsed, the source of his apprehension remains an enigma. What catalyzes Owaisi’s profound fear of Dr. Sheikh, a sentiment that persists despite the passage of time, continues to elude comprehension. Since 2010, Asad Owaisi has been relentlessly antagonistic towards me, actively obstructing my endeavors and leveraging his authority to intimidate and thwart my progress. Resorting to malicious tactics, Owaisi brazenly initiated a fabricated First Information Report (FIR) against me, a desperate ploy to undermine my efforts. Despite enduring five arduous years of relentless opposition, justice ultimately prevailed, as Owaisi was compelled to confront a staggering defamation lawsuit worth one hundred crore rupees—a just consequence of his malevolent actions driven by animosity and apprehension. Even in the face of judicial defeat at the subordinate courts, Owaisi remains unyielding in his defiance, now seeking refuge in the High Court to file an appeal. His audacious appeal contends that there is no justifiable basis for imposing a stay order on the defamation case, indicative of his relentless pursuit to evade accountability and perpetuate his campaign of harassment and fear.

            The Insidious depths of Asad Owaisi’s animosity towards women and his inexplicable fear of Dr. Nowhera Shaikh continue to baffle us all. His relentless campaign of misogyny and intimidation against women, juxtaposed with his palpable apprehension in the presence of Dr. Shaikh, remains a perplexing enigma. It Is imperative that Owaisi himself steps forward and articulates the rationale behind his virulent antipathy towards women. Alternatively, he must prepare to face the consequences of his actions in the arena of democracy, as I stand resolute in my determination to contest him in the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections. The electorate deserves transparency and accountability from its representatives, and Owaisi’s evasion only serves to underscore the urgency of this matter. Should he continue to shroud his motivations in secrecy, the ballot box shall be the ultimate arbiter of justice. In a resolute declaration during a press conference held in Hyderabad, Aalima Dr. Nowhera Shaikh, the eminent leader and Supremo of the All India Mahila Empowerment Party, delivered an unequivocal message. She forthrightly asserted that the marginalized and oppressed populace, particularly the disenfranchised women of Hyderabad, will propel her to victory through their unwavering support at the polls. Dr. Shaikh admonished the opportunistic few who cling to the delusion of dynastic entitlement, admonishing them to relinquish such archaic notions. Her impassioned commitment to the political arena stands as a testament to her unwavering dedication, undeterred by the pervasive greed and self-interest that plague the corridors of power. Indeed, as the flames of discontent continue to engulf the nation, sparing neither state nor city, Dr. Shaikh paints a damning portrait of the nefarious machinations of these venal actors. The  visage of the nation bears witness to the pernicious influence of these corrupt forces, whose rapacious pursuits threaten the very fabric of society. The nefarious activities plaguing Hyderabad, including conspiracies, robberies, murders, and rampant land usurpation, resound with the sinister influence of the MIM, orchestrated by none other than Barrister Owaisi himself. The insidious machinations of this political cabal have ensnared the city, with reports of waqf lands being illicitly sold, and security personnel ruthlessly eliminated to pave the way for the occupation of vacant bungalows by handpicked individuals wielding falsified documents. Any noble endeavor aimed at fostering welfare and progress within Hyderabad’s borders is ruthlessly quashed, met with brutal reprisal. The very essence of justice is perverted as those seeking to uplift the community are met with violence and oppression. Furthermore, in a calculated effort to stifle progress, fictitious representatives are deployed to impede the advancement of Muslims hailing from various corners of the nation, effectively subverting their aspirations through deceit and manipulation. Such egregious acts of corruption and coercion serve as a grim reminder of the depths to which those in power will sink to maintain their stranglehold on the city’s resources and populace.

            The democratic governments in various states fall victim to the venomous rhetoric of hate speech, orchestrated to undermine the representation of Muslim leaders and dilute their influence. In response to these nefarious schemes aimed at marginalizing the Muslim community, Aalima Dr. Nowhera Shaikh defiantly steps onto the battlefield, vowing not to retreat until victory is secured. To safeguard the entrenched interests of usury, a litany of conspiracies was concocted by their progenitors. Thriving banks were systematically dismantled, and the hard-earned savings of the populace were callously pilfered. My company was singled out for attack in a concerted effort to bolster the coffers of the banking elite through their exploitative interest-based schemes. An abhorrent spectacle unfolded as the jewels of impoverished and vulnerable women of Hyderabad were callously auctioned off under the guise of loans, perpetuating a cycle of exploitation and destitution. The mere act of dissent in Hyderabad proved fatal, as those who dared to raise their voices met untimely ends. Political aspirations were met with brutal repression, with dissenters summarily incarcerated. In the face of such egregious injustices, I, Dr. Nowhera Shaikh, found myself compelled to step forward and confront these atrocities head-on. Politics was not a hereditary calling for me, nor was it a path I envisioned traversing. However, the weight of moral imperative impelled me to take action. I solemnly pledge to wield my influence decisively in every arena I enter, ensuring that justice prevails and the voices of the oppressed are heard.

            Asad Owaisi is acutely aware of my prominence and influence, just as the dissenting voices across the nation recognize my reputation. Whether in the realm of academia or commerce, in the trenches of public service, or in the compassionate outreach to the impoverished and downtrodden, I have garnered unwavering support from my devout followers. Their steadfast prayers and unwavering faith in my leadership have shielded me from despair and emboldened my resolve in the face of adversity. My devotees have embraced my campaigns as their own, shouldering the responsibility with unwavering dedication. From brothers to elders, from mothers to the masses, across the expanse of our nation and particularly in the corridors of Hyderabad, their resolute commitment remains unyielding. I stand assured that their unwavering support will serve as a formidable bastion in my pursuit of success.

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