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"A person with a Muslim appearance is a traitor”

"A Critical Scrutiny of the Utterance of Aalima Dr. Nowhera Shaikh”

(News Report: Mutiur Rahman Aziz: (Part No. (1) Continued)

The CEO of Hera Group of Companies, a conglomerate overseeing approximately 29 entities, Aalima Dr. Nowhera Shaikh, has brazenly asserted in a recent statement, "An individual bearing a Muslim visage, Owaisi, is a traitorous opportunist.” This incendiary remark, made amidst the backdrop of the Hera Group of Companies’ entanglement in a high-profile courtroom scandal under scrutiny by the Supreme Court, has precipitated the company’s descent towards the precipice of financial ruin. Upon scrutinizing historical accounts, it becomes glaringly evident that the adversary has insidiously infiltrated one’s very domain, whispering deceptions so subtle that the unsuspecting masses remain oblivious to the true culprit lurking within. Who, then, shoulders the blame for this insidious subversion? Is it the company itself, its officials, or perhaps some other clandestine entity? The populace, ensnared by the illusion of transparency, instinctively points accusatory fingers at the corporate entity. However, upon closer examination, the intricate web of infiltration reveals that the sanctity of one’s abode has been violated with meticulous precision, rendering external treachery and intrusion undetectable to even the keenest observer. This nefarious stratagem has been cunningly employed by traitors and their deceitful overlords to infiltrate the esteemed Hera Group of Companies. Upon meticulous analysis, it has been discerned that the modus operandi involved granting substantial loans to tenants of Darus Salaam Bank through Char Minar Bank. Subsequently, according to a meticulously crafted scheme, these borrowers were declared absconders, leading to the deliberate bankruptcy of the bank. The tragic demise of the owner of Char Minar Bank, purportedly by suicide, further perpetuated the illusion of chaos and disorder. This orchestrated sequence of events then paved the way for Darus Salaam Bank to ascend to prominence, solidifying the treacherous grip of those orchestrating this elaborate deception. In a parallel deceit, phantom investors were surreptitiously ushered into the interest-free trading enclave of the Hera Group of Companies, only to later incite a fabricated criminal complaint. Subsequently, an FIR is lodged, culminating in the arrest of the company’s CEO. This egregious turn of events results in the freezing of Hera Group’s bank accounts, subjecting the company to relentless scrutiny and punitive measures. Even the esteemed CEO, Aalima Dr. Nowhera Shaikh, is compelled to deliver scathing rebukes to an individual of Muslim descent, derogatorily labeled as Owaisi traitor. Such calculated machinations serve to underscore the pervasive treachery and deceit that threaten to engulf the company and its leadership in a vortex of malfeasance and turmoil. The esteemed Scholar Dr. Nowhera Shaikh, renowned for her erudition and religious leadership, oversees a vast network where thousands of young girls receive comprehensive religious instruction under her auspices. Each year, scores of these students graduate as scholars, memorizers of the Quran, and emissaries of the Hanif faith, propagating its teachings worldwide. In light of this, it beggars belief that Aalima Dr. Nowhera Shaikh would succumb to such fervent indignation as to issue condemnatory remarks against individuals bearing a Muslim appearance, branding them as traitors. Yet, it becomes painfully evident that her righteous anger is borne out of a harrowing past, where adversaries once stood poised to raze the very institution nurturing these innocent students and custodians of Quranic wisdom. In the face of such existential threats, Dr. Nowhera Shaikh’s impassioned response serves as a resolute defense of her sacred charge, a fervent denunciation of those who would dare undermine the sanctity of religious education and the safety of its practitioners. Under the benevolent providence of Allah, calamities were averted. It is a matter of record that Aalima Dr. Nowhera Shaikh has endured relentless persecution orchestrated by nefarious Jewish agents within the Muslim community. It is against this backdrop of sustained hostility that Dr. Nowhera Shaikh, with righteous indignation, employed harsh rhetoric, denouncing individuals bearing a Muslim facade as treacherous. Upon closer scrutiny, it becomes apparent that the arrest of the esteemed CEO of Hera Group, Aalima Dr. Nowhera Sheikh, was instigated by the machinations of the All India Majlis Ittehadul Muslimeen cadre. Indeed, the late Mr. Manwar Rana’s astute observation that "Owaisi is the chaser of those kings who used to go hunting and send their soldiers forward” poignantly underscores the sinister motivations at play, wherein individuals of power seek to undermine and subjugate those who dare to challenge their hegemony. In a cruel parallel to ancient hunting expeditions, soldiers would drive terrified animals towards the awaiting king, ensuring effortless kills. Similarly, in today’s realm of power, Owaisi assumes the role of the hunter, mercilessly preying upon innocent Muslims on behalf of contemporary rulers and potentates. This insidious orchestrator, Shahbaz Ahmed Khan, meticulously groomed by Owaisi’s tutelage in Hyderabad, became a relentless enforcer, dedicated to carrying out the bidding of those in power. With unwavering determination, Shehbaz Ahmad Khan, the ruthless enforcer of MIMO, brazenly boasted, "This company will sink because of our collective efforts. FIRs will provide the means for our victory. Elsewhere, the relentless onslaught of FIRs will spell doom for the company.” Such callous tactics serve as a stark reminder of the ruthlessness inherent in the pursuit of power, where the innocent become unwitting prey to the machinations of those with nefarious agendas. The unfolding sequence of events paints a disconcerting picture of relentless legal actions, each FIR unleashing a cascade of arrests and subsequent scrutiny. Consequently, the assertion that individuals bearing a Muslim visage are inherently treasonous appears distressingly plausible. Remarkably, the henchman of Owaisi, Shahbaz Ahmad Khan, was endowed with such exorbitant sums that he luxuriated in opulence for over two and a half years, gallivanting as the MIM leader across foreign lands including America, London, Africa, and Saudi Arabia. It is noteworthy that his sojourns in Arabia, Qatar, and beyond are marked by ostentatious displays of wealth, rendering him impervious to fiscal constraints or pecuniary shortages. The sagacious insights articulated by Aalima Dr. Nowhera Sheikh resonate with the discerning analysis of the situation. She astutely remarks that in 2019, Imtiaz Jalil of All India Majlis Ittehadul Muslimin boldly proclaimed in Parliament the existence of a purported "fifty thousand crores scheme,” a claim refuted by both the Supreme Court and the High Court of Telangana, which have categorized the matter as a trifling issue amounting to a mere five and a half thousand crores. Thus, it becomes evident that the CEO of Hero Group, Aalima Dr. Nowhera Sheikh, not only denounces the treachery of Owaisi based on his Muslim appearance but also condemns all the endeavors of this Judaic emissary named Owaisi as conduits for profitless exploitation. This shows who is the "person with a Muslim appearance, this traitor”? Are these people really Muslims? Or Jews working in India as agents? Because a person called "a person with a Muslim appearance, a traitor” is out of the scope of the Muslim Ummah, where the usurer bank promoter, who fights against Allah and His Messenger, wants to hide everything. which is going to stand in the way of his bank and usury business. The educated generation of India and the honorable people of India have been forced to think about the words of Aalima Dr. Nowhera Sheikh, "A person with a Muslim image is a traitor”.

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