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The Owaisi brothers epitomize a saga of petty theatrics and sentimental theatrics.

Written by Matiur Rahman Aziz : 9911853902.

Early one morning, as I perused the headlines of Urdu newspapers nationwide, a ludicrous piece of news slapped me in the face. It seemed to be the centerpiece for many papers, placed prominently to catch the eye. What caught my attention was a theatrical statement: Akbaruddin Owaisi, in a meeting, had the audacity to declare, "Soon enough, both my brother and I will be imprisoned and poisoned to death.” By God, when will the educated and vigilant populace of this country rise up against the melodramatic antics and manipulative rhetoric of these siblings? I was filled with disgust and contemplation, realizing the insidious influence these two individuals wield through a cocktail of falsehoods, deceit, and emotionally charged manipulation. On one hand, they peddle lies and deception to captivate the masses, while on the other, they attempt to blind the nation with a smoke screen of falsities and emotional theatrics. Upon deeper reflection, it becomes apparent that these imposters have not only blinded the populace with their charades but have also peppered their deceitful narratives with emotional grenades. Those who are idle and lackadaisical, content to be led by the nose, fall prey to their emotional tirades after being lured in by their honeyed words. It’s a shameful spectacle, as these charlatans exploit the vulnerabilities of the masses, leaving them ensnared in a web of emotional manipulation. It’s a bitter pill to swallow, but even the most insidious tactics of deceit and polygamous alliances have their limits. What’s truly infuriating is the realization dawning upon the nation that as long as the Owaisi brothers continue to breathe, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) will remain firmly entrenched in the corridors of power. The grim reality is that the progeny of this nation have come to recognize the BJP’s gradual decline on multiple fronts.Through cunning machinations and vote-bank politics, the Owaisi brothers seek to erode the BJP’s influence, fragmenting its support base while bolstering their own. The despicable strategy unfolds time and again, with Bihar and Uttar Pradesh serving as glaring examples. In the 2022 Uttar Pradesh elections, the Samajwadi Party led by Akhilesh Yadav faced defeat in nearly a hundred constituencies, losing by a razor-thin margin. Meanwhile, Yogi Adityanath’s BJP emerged victorious, orchestrating a spectacle of triumph and domination. In this cutthroat game of politics, the Owaisi brothers and their cohorts played puppeteers, pulling strings and manipulating the fate of Uttar Pradesh. Their parasitic influence infected the very essence of democracy, tarnishing the electoral process and subverting the will of the people. Speaking of emotional theatrics, one cannot overlook the unforgettable day when Asad Owaisi, in a theatrical display of despair, lamented, "I have never felt so utterly powerless and helpless as when I accompanied my father to his final resting place.” But let’s not be fooled by the melodrama, for the truth is far more sinister. Since 2014, the Owaisi brothers’ insatiable appetite for wealth and power has grown unabated, casting a dark shadow over their supposed sorrow. Asad Owaisi may paint himself as a victim of circumstance, but the cold, hard reality tells a different tale. While purportedly managing his father’s banking affairs, he shamelessly expanded his financial empire, opening seven new branches a mere 22 days before the demonetization bombshell struck. Was Asad Owaisi truly grieving for his father’s passing at that time, or was he simply preoccupied with expanding his nefarious schemes? The public, no doubt, sees through the facade and will not be swayed by his theatrics. Asad Owaisi is nothing but a master manipulator and a purveyor of deceit. He orchestrates a series of melodramatic stunts, firing bullets at himself in Uttar Pradesh and falsely alleging stone pelting in Gujarat. Yet, when the dust settles, the truth emerges like a beacon of light piercing through the darkness of his lies. The Gujarat Police swiftly debunked Owaisi’s fabrications, confirming that not a single stone had been hurled in the entire state. His entire narrative is built on a foundation of falsehoods and baseless rumors, devoid of any semblance of truth. In the Uttar Pradesh elections, he stages a spectacle of violence, where bullets supposedly aimed at him miraculously evade their target, conveniently ending up under car tires. Meanwhile, innocent youths are ensnared in the web of his machinations, arrested under false pretenses. But what becomes of these hapless individuals, sacrificed at the altar of Owaisi’s political theater? The media conveniently sweeps their fate under the rug, allowing Owaisi to continue his charade unchecked. It’s a travesty of justice, a mockery of truth, all orchestrated by the puppet master himself, Asad Owaisi. The charlatan extraordinaire, Mr. Akbar Owaisi, Madari No. 2, shamelessly extends the ignoble legacy of his family’s theatrical profession. In Hyderabad, the populace trembles in fear at the mere mention of the Owaisi brothers and their henchmen. Akbar Owaisi’s sordid escapade involving bribes from wrestlers is just one sordid chapter in his repertoire of deceit. Picture this scene: Akbar Owaisi, ensconced in the sanctity of Makkah Masjid, dares to assume a position of reverence akin to that of the Holy Prophet himself. With audacious arrogance, he recounts his fabricated tale, boasting of encounters with revered saints and even the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ himself. But let’s peel back the layers of this theatrical facade. As Akbar Owaisi spins his yarn of divine intervention, he maliciously preys upon the vulnerable, exploiting the naivety of the less-educated and innocent masses. His Machiavellian machinations know no bounds as he shamelessly peddles falsehoods and manipulates emotions for his own gain. Meanwhile, the true victims of his deception languish in obscurity, their suffering ignored as Akbar Owaisi basks in the spotlight of his self-created drama. These heartless deceivers ascend to positions of power, their despotic personalities thriving while the nation reels under their tyranny. Curse upon the liars of this era, the merchants of emotions who sow seeds of discord and despair among the populace. Asad Owaisi, the chief propagator of deceit and falsehoods, shamelessly spins his web of lies during a meeting, regaling his audience with a fabricated tale of heroism. He claims to have been miraculously present at the scene of an accident, where he purportedly single-handedly saved the day by donating a staggering twenty-five bottles of blood.In his narcissistic delusion, Owaisi paints himself as a savior, boasting of personally delivering each precious drop of blood to the hospital. Yet, amidst the grandeur of his theatrical performance, the glaring absurdity of his claims remains unmistakable. Indeed, one cannot help but scoff at the preposterousness of Owaisi’s narrative. For even the most rudimentary calculations would reveal the sheer impossibility of a mere mortal possessing such a vast reservoir of blood within their veins. But alas, truth and reason hold no sway over the likes of Owaisi, who shamelessly peddle their fabrications to manipulate the emotions of the gullible masses. His penchant for emotional theatrics knows no bounds, leaving a trail of deception and disillusionment in its wake. The audacity of Asad Sahib knows no bounds as he shamelessly weaves his web of deceit, claiming to have donated a ludicrous twenty-five bottles of blood. But let’s not mince words here: this is nothing short of a brazen lie, a grotesque distortion of reality that insults the intelligence of anyone with an ounce of common sense.Even the most generous estimators, after crunching the numbers, have concluded that such a feat is utterly implausible. If we were to entertain the ludicrous notion that every drop of fluid in Asad Sahib’s body, including water, urine, and even the pus from his bones, were magically transformed into blood, it still wouldn’t come close to filling twenty-five bottles. And let’s not forget the physical toll such a donation would take on a person. Donating just one bottle of blood can leave an individual on the brink of fainting, yet Asad Sahib expects us to believe that he gallivanted off to the lab with a veritable river of blood coursing through his veins. This isn’t just a lie—it’s a slap in the face to anyone with even a shred of dignity. Asad Sahib’s shameless theatrics not only insult the intelligence of the masses but also betray a callous disregard for the suffering of those who truly rely on blood donations for survival. This cadre of hypocrites and deceitful leaders epitomizes the epitome of moral bankruptcy. When their own well of theatrics runs dry, they shamelessly exploit the tragedies of others, shedding crocodile tears to masquerade as paragons of innocence in the eyes of the masses. But make no mistake, their hollow gestures of empathy serve only to further their own selfish agendas, while the nation festers from within.These charlatans are not content with merely deceiving the public; they actively undermine the fabric of society, leaving destruction and despair in their wake. They strangle the lifeblood of trade, choke the arteries of politics, and lay claim to lands that are not rightfully theirs. Their insatiable greed knows no bounds, as they shamelessly plunder the halal livelihoods of millions, leaving a trail of tears and blood in their wake.Their actions are not just reprehensible; they are a damning indictment of the moral decay that has infected our nation. While they cloak themselves in false righteousness, the truth remains clear: they are nothing but parasites, feeding off the misery and suffering of those they claim to represent. It’s time to expose these vultures for what they truly are: agents of destruction, hell-bent on tearing our nation apart for their own selfish gain. The nation, hoodwinked by these shameless charlatans, mistakenly believes that these dramatists are their champions, raising their voices on their behalf. While the educated elite may nod in approval at their emotional tirades, the truth remains shrouded in silence. Some may offer token gestures of dissent, while others voice their disapproval ad libitum. Yet amidst the cacophony of voices, there exists a sinister force—a power that revels in the cruelty of our false puppeteer, our Madari.This puppet master, with his scripted theatrics, ensnares his unwitting followers in a web of deceit, all the while smiling at their gullibility. Little do they realize that his carefully crafted script is designed to manipulate the masses into believing that the Orbital is a beacon of warmth and compassion, all the while pulling the strings of their lives. His disciples, blind to the puppeteer’s machinations, blindly applaud his every move, oblivious to the fact that they dance to the tune of his malevolent whims.

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