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My resilience in the face of adversity is bestowed upon me by the universal force behind all creation.

“During times of trial, conspirators would send agents: Dr. Nowhera Shaikh”

New Delhi (Release: Matiur Rahman Aziz) During an interview with a renowned national television channel, Dr. Nowhera Shaikh, the CEO of the Heera Group of Companies and a distinguished scholar affiliated with numerous esteemed institutions and organizations, disclosed a wealth of significant information. Her responses to the journalist’s inquiries have brought to light some startling revelations. Dr. Nowhera Shaikh, a revered scholar, shared that she came to understand her true significance when members of political parties with half a century of history began to target her. These entities first orchestrated the closure of her company’s accounts and then disseminated false rumors among their employees, claiming that her company had collapsed. Furthermore, they employed nefarious tactics, sending their operatives to pressure her associates in jail, coercing them to sign agreements dictated by their leaders and to relocate, including moving the company’s headquarters to another city. These actions underscore the lengths to which these adversaries would go to undermine her influence and disrupt her organization’s operations. Dr. Shaikh’s revelations highlight the formidable challenges she faced and her resilience in the face of such orchestrated adversity. Another emissary approached me, suggesting that I sign a document to dissolve my organization, promising assistance in return. Subsequently, a third emissary arrived, advising that I leave the country and focus on attending the hearings of my case, remaining abroad until the legal proceedings concluded. They assured me that relinquishing control and entrusting everything to them during this period would bring me peace. These encounters are but a few among countless instances where individuals urged me to withdraw. The persistence of such advice reflects a broader attempt to sideline my efforts and diminish my influence. Despite these relentless pressures, I remained steadfast, committed to the principles and vision that guide my work. However, Allah, the Lord of all worlds, has granted me the strength to not only stand firm despite countless conspiracies but also to continue fighting and confronting every challenge. I am immensely grateful to Allah that from the lower courts to the higher courts, our company has been vindicated. Now, gradually, the company is regaining its former momentum. For this, I cannot thank Allah, the Lord of all worlds, enough. In response to the journalist’s inquiries, Dr. Nowhera Shaikh elucidated that numerous prominent individuals from various spheres, including the film industry and social work, who have shared the stage with her at various events, sought not only to meet her but also to engage in discussions regarding the integrity and reputation of her company. She elaborated that Chief Ministers, Governors, Members of Parliament, and esteemed social workers from across the nation frequently reached out to her for advice and counsel. Similarly, those aspiring to venture into international business often sought her insights and guidance on a multitude of matters. Dr. Shaikh’s extensive network and the respect she commands among such distinguished personalities underscore her influence and the trust placed in her professional acumen. Allah has bestowed upon me such honor that, starting my business from the small town of Tirupati, my products have reached hundreds of countries around the world. The work I began in those early days has been blessed by Allah. It has been my privilege to support millions of people. One of my greatest blessings is the establishment of a women’s institution for one thousand girls, equipped with five-star amenities. The institution, Jamia Niswaan As-Salafiya in Tirupati, has educated five and a half thousand girls so far, who are now serving in various parts of the world with the same dedication and Islamic principles they learned at my institution. I am immensely pleased when my students from countries like the United States, Africa, and the United Kingdom contact me through emails, phone calls, and messages to share their achievements. They tell me that today they own institutions and are contributing to the field of education with the same approach and values that I imparted to them. This feedback is a source of great joy and fulfillment for me, knowing that the training and education provided by my institution have empowered these women to make significant contributions globally.Amidst the journalist’s questions, Dr. Nowhera Shaikh shed light on women’s empowerment and their integration into the commercial and educational spheres. She emphasized that her foremost desire is to adorn women with the jewel of education. She explained that women in the country face mistreatment from birth through all stages of life. When a girl is born, the distribution of sweets is not as grand as it is for a boy’s birth. Girls are often deprived of education because spending on them is perceived as an investment in someone else’s property, as they are expected to marry and leave their parental home. Dr. Shaikh pointed out that due to a lack of commercial knowledge, women often only possess a few coins, which they save and hide from household expenses. Therefore, the most significant milestone in her life has been the establishment of numerous institutions dedicated to women’s education. She passionately believes that educating women is crucial for their empowerment and for overcoming the societal challenges they face. Her commitment to this cause is evident through the creation of dozens of educational institutions focused on women’s learning. By providing access to education, she aims to combat the deep-rooted prejudices and obstacles that hinder women’s progress, thereby enabling them to achieve financial independence and self-sufficiency. Dr. Shaikh’s efforts underscore the transformative power of education in uplifting women and fostering their active participation in various sectors. This includes a medical college and an engineering college. In regard to women’s social welfare, I have established the All India Mahila Empowerment Party (AIMEP). This platform aims to raise the voice of humanity and focus on the rehabilitation of women. It has been observed that many enthusiastic social worker women do not receive a political platform, causing their talents and abilities to go unnoticed. Therefore, through AIMEP, every woman in the country can utilize her capabilities. In the commercial field, we have empowered millions of women by providing them with commercial training and teaching them the intricacies of conducting business. This enables a woman to promote business activities from the comfort of her home or by moving around in the market. By establishing these educational institutions and the AIMEP, Dr. Shaikh aims to create opportunities for women to excel in various fields, ensuring their skills and contributions are recognized and valued. In conclusion, Dr. Noheera Sheikh’s journey exemplifies resilience in the face of adversity and a commitment to empowering women in education and entrepreneurship. Despite facing numerous challenges and conspiracies, her dedication to progress and empowerment shines through, offering inspiration and hope for others.

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