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Alima Dr. Nowhera Sheikh’s sheer determination to transform Hyderabad’s Old City into a Gold City

In the pursuit of leadership, a campaign of betrayal is being carried out from Hyderabad.

AIMEPAll India President decides to obliterate the thuggish politics from Hyderabad soil.

New Delhi (Release / Matiur Rahman Aziz): The All India Women’s Empowerment Party’s National President and renowned social worker Alima Dr. Nowhera Sheikh has created a political stir in Indian politics by releasing a video. In it, she claims to be in the quick race of  contest this time round and she is all set to fight the Charminar Hyderabad parliamentary seat against Asaduddin Owaisi in the elections. Alima Dr. Nowhera Sheikh further stated that if she whowould win that contest because the process of winning was not new to her but very old. She further said, “Asad Owaisi has always remained active against me, and I have consistently faced him with courage, determination, and bravery. Before 2012, Asad Owaisi subjected me to all kinds of injustice, attempting to undermine and destroy my established social work. Using government power, Owaisi was defeated by himself in the FIR filed against him in 2012, and later, in 2018, I was imprisoned in a conspiracy orchestrated by Owaisi. Though I obtained bail from one place, I was imprisoned elsewhere. Throughout the country, I faced oppression under Owaisi’s influence. Through the journey from lower courts to the High Court and finally the Supreme Court, I remained in custody and was ultimately granted permanent bail by the Supreme Court, despite being unjustly targeted. But unfortunately, my efforts to secure the livelihoods of 2.5 million people remain restricted by Owaisi’s influence and continuously has been under his clutches. All India Mahila Empowerment Party’s National President, Alimah Dr. Nowhera Sheikh, stated that every citizen of the country knows that someone spreading betrayal in the name of Hyderabad’s land, among Muslims, is working to spread hatred among fellow countrymen. Despite the work being done, leaders from Hyderabad have achieved nothing. But wherever there is a considerable and strong Muslim leadership throughout the country, Owaisi reaches there to undermine it, where the votes of democrats are decisive, you can say Owaisi always plays spoilsport and becomes the greatest resource and treasure for the so called parties. By contesting elections in just five constituencies in his ancestral homeland, he seeks to secure his identity.But in the far-reaching states of the country, he takes charge of strengthening non-secular leaders on hundreds of seats, and by delivering hate speeches against secular brothers, he attempts to divide and conquer the democratic ideals of our homeland. Recently, elections were held in Uttar Pradesh, where approximately one hundred seats were lost by hopeful candidates who championed democracy, while extremist parties, with just two or three hundred votes, managed to win, votes that Asad Owaisi had secured for his party. He has always been proved by himself a big disgrace for the community. In the place where he himself is a Member of Parliament, there was once a peaceful coexistence among people, but by uttering hateful words in distant areas, he polluted the atmosphere of the entire country. All India Mahila Empowerment Party’s national president, Dr. Noheera Sheikh, appealed to the people of Hyderabad, saying, "I hope that after years of running the city through hooliganism, it is time to come forward for the liberation of the city. Hyderabad needs to be freed from the grip of high-handed politics on broken roads, oppressed people, and the lands of orphans. “The hands responsible for ruining and dirtying the land of Hyderabad, turning it into a filthy city, belong to that individual who, if the city progresses, how will he achieve false sympathies with the people here? Speaking of the old city of Hyderabad, it becomes evident that the entire city was entangled in the web of the metro, but deliberately, on the pretext of hooliganism, the metro line was prevented from coming to the old city, this has been plotted spaciously and then executed and imposedwith full of ruthless stubborness to become a hindrance on the way of progress. The purpose behind this was that if the metro arrived here, the value of land and property here would increase tremendously and the goons will flourish by making their fortune by hook or by crook. The old city of Hyderabad would become part of the developed areas. If the old city of Hyderabad progresses, how will those who engage in dirty politics demonstrate their false concerns? Therefore, it is time to put an end to the land-grabbing politics of Hyderabad, develop the old city of Hyderabad, and eliminate the spread of hatred throughout the country. Let the people help in preventing the toxic atmosphere of hatred so that our country once again becomes a symbol of peace and progresses towards prosperity.

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