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The calendar for affiliated institutions from Dr. Nowhera Sheikh for 2024.

Issued from the esteemed Wazirabad office in Delhi, with the goal of facilitating nationwide distribution

 “New Delhi (Release) : In the vibrant heart of New Delhi, a momentous occasion has gracefully unfolded, as the highly esteemed Aalima Dr. Nowhera Sheikh’s institutions present the 2024 calendar, a testament to refined elegance, at the distinguished Wazirabad office. The cover, adorned with pages of exquisite design, has garnered widespread admiration, setting forth a delightful goal to share this refined calendar as a New Year’s token of goodwill across the nation. Matiur Rahman Aziz, the harbinger of this delightful news, joyfully expressed that millions of these calendars, meticulously crafted by institutions affiliated with the venerable Dr. Nowhera Sheikh, are finding their way into the hands of individuals from all walks of life, promising a year-long source of inspiration and benefit. In keeping with a cherished tradition, the 2024 calendar has been unveiled to reach eager individuals across the diverse tapestry of our nation. Under the sagacious leadership of the renowned Dr. Nowhera Sheikh, institutions such as the Women’s University Al-Salafiyya, Hira Medical College, All India Women Empowerment Party, and Hira Group Companies’ platforms are actively engaged in this benevolent endeavor. Matiur Rahman Aziz eloquently elucidated that these initiatives merely scratch the surface of the myriad matters under the compassionate guidance of Dr. Nowhera Sheikh, a dedicated social steward committed to delicately resolving longstanding national issues. Regrettably, our beloved homeland faces the challenge of a scarcity of individuals of such unwavering dedication. However, Dr. Nowhera Sheikh persists in her noble efforts, addressing thousands and millions of issues with a gradual approach, exemplifying an unyielding commitment to the holistic well-being of the nation. Matiur Rahman Aziz earnestly emphasized the multifaceted activities undertaken by Dr. Nowhera Sheikh’s affiliated institutions, spanning from the noble pursuit of raising awareness on children’s education to the establishment of educational centers in regions plagued by low literacy rates. The focus extends to motivating students in economically challenged areas, inspiring them to pursue higher education and thereby mitigating the impact of extreme poverty on educational aspirations. In the noble endeavor of promoting civic engagement, these institutions ardently strive to inspire participation in elections grounded in public issues and developmental aspirations. An integral facet of their collective pursuit involves boosting women’s confidence and empowering them for a more fulfilling life journey through education, skills, and the cultivation of self-reliance. This stands as a significant stride towards fostering unity among people of diverse classes, religions, cultures, and traditions. In the spirit of societal upliftment, concerted efforts are directed towards the eradication of interest-based loans, fostering cooperation between individuals, and promoting the concept of interest-free loans. Driven by the noble objective of ensuring equal rights under the Indian Constitution, these institutions diligently provide information to residents, guiding them to comprehend their fundamental rights and empowering them to actively contribute to the nation’s progress. Creating viable avenues for employment for educated individuals facing unemployment, fostering collaboration with the government to promote peace and harmony in various settings, and ensuring the provision of clean drinking water where administration falls short are among the myriad initiatives undertaken. A dedicated effort is made to eliminate the prevalence of usury, extending interest-free loans to those striving for progress, and providing legal aid to impoverished individuals unable to bear the expenses of court proceedings. In a world affected by the challenge of inflation, these institutions offer the most thoughtful recommendations and advice to the economically disadvantaged, extending a compassionate hand to address the myriad challenges they face. Moreover, a conscientious effort is made to raise awareness about the detrimental effects of alcohol and addictive substances, guiding individuals to make informed choices, avoid their use, and prevent addiction. In the grand tapestry of societal improvement, the endeavors led by Dr. Nowhera Sheikh and her affiliated institutions stand as beacons of hope. Their unwavering commitment to addressing multifaceted issues reflects a dedication to the betterment of the nation and its people. As the 2024 calendar graces the offices of Wazirabad, it symbolizes not just the passage of time but a profound commitment to progress, unity, and the well-being of the diverse fabric that is India. It is a testament to the enduring legacy of compassion and progress that Dr. Nowhera Sheikh and her institutions weave into the very essence of our shared journey.

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