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Whether it is the NDA government or the I.N.D.I.A government. Keep this in mind.

Who are those five million people? Owaisi has trampled on their livelihoods, crushing their ability to earn a living.

New Delhi (Report: Matiur Rahman Aziz): India recently witnessed a two-month-long electoral process, celebrated as a festival of democracy. However, the reality of this event was far from the ideal. On June 4, the NDA emerged as the largest alliance, while the I.N.D.I.A Alliance claimed to be a strong opposition, securing more seats than expected. Despite these claims, the election was characterized by chaos and disarray, with a focus on mudslinging and political one-upmanship rather than addressing the genuine issues facing ordinary citizens. As a journalist, I am compelled to raise serious concerns about the conduct and aftermath of these elections. The NDA’s emergence as the largest alliance is overshadowed by its questionable methods and polarizing tactics. Their victory, rather than being a testament to democratic success, highlights the deep divisions and manipulative strategies employed throughout the campaign. On the other hand, the India Alliance’s self-congratulatory stance on being a strong opposition seems hollow when considering the overall decline in the quality of political discourse. Their claims of hard work and dedication appear to be nothing more than a façade, masking a disturbing reality of corruption, manipulation, and deceit. The electorate was left to make choices in a poisoned atmosphere of distrust and division. Voters were bombarded with misinformation and empty promises, making it difficult to discern truth from propaganda. Instead of a festival of democracy, this election season felt like a battleground of power-hungry opportunists. A particularly pressing issue, affecting approximately 25.3 million people, has persisted for nearly five years without resolution. This is not merely about millions of people suffering; it reflects a broader national crisis. The government’s negligence and apathy towards these citizens are appalling. Despite the passage of time, no meaningful action has been taken to alleviate their suffering. The trust that people once placed in the government has eroded, evident in the significant decline in income tax contributions. This betrayal of public trust has far-reaching ramifications, jeopardizing the nation’s economic health and tearing apart its social fabric. As a journalist dedicated to unveiling the truth, I demand that the incoming government address these grave concerns. It is high time for accountability, transparency, and a sincere commitment to the welfare of the people, rather than just a scramble for power. The new government must hear our voices and take immediate, decisive action to rectify these injustices. The era of empty promises and superficial measures must end. What is needed now is real accountability, tangible solutions, and a genuine commitment to restoring the faith of the people in their leaders and their country. Only through such measures can we hope to rebuild the trust and integrity that are the foundations of a true democracy.
For fifteen years, the Heera Group of Companies has endured relentless harassment by Asad Owaisi and his associates, marked by deceitful and aggressive tactics. This harassment began in 2012 when Owaisi filed an FIR against the company, which ultimately led to his defeat. In response, the Heera Group filed a defamation case against him, still unresolved in the High Court of Telangana. When the Heera Group announced its political ambitions in Telangana, Owaisi escalated his bullying tactics to protect his interests.

Driven by fear of competition affecting his bank’s interest rate profits, Owaisi sought to crush any threat to his influence. This campaign has caused immense suffering and economic hardship for those associated with the Heera Group. It is more than a corporate dispute; it is an assault on democratic principles and fair play. The pending defamation case against Owaisi underscores the extent of the injustice. Immediate action is required from the incoming government to address these grievances, ensure justice, and prevent future abuses of power. The affected individuals deserve resolution and restitution, and the nation cannot overlook this grave injustice. Local officials have targeted Aalima Dr. Nowhera Shaikh, the CEO of the Heera Group, spreading false claims that the company had collapsed. Dr. Shaikh faced continuous arrests and harassment, taking two and a half years for the case to reach the Supreme Court. Despite the Supreme Court ruling in her favor, the company’s accounts remain frozen, and properties are still held by the Enforcement Directorate (ED). Additionally, illegal possession of Heera Group’s properties in Hyderabad using fake documents has become rampant. This prolonged persecution has crippled the company’s operations, causing significant distress and financial loss. Actions by local officials, influenced by powerful figures like Owaisi, represent a gross abuse of power. The freezing of accounts and properties despite the Supreme Court’s ruling shows a blatant disregard for judicial authority and due process. This situation demands urgent intervention from the highest levels of government to unfreeze accounts and properties and take action against those responsible for illegal occupations. The continued injustice against the Heera Group and Dr. Nowhera Shaikh stains the integrity of our legal and political systems. It is time for justice to prevail and the rule of law to be restored.
The relentless persecution of the Heera Group of Companies by Asad Owaisi raises significant questions. Despite the company’s ample resources, why has the case been deliberately stalled? Investors, including the elderly, widows, orphans, and the destitute, have been left in dire straits. For twenty years, these investors benefited from the company, which not only supported its stakeholders but also strengthened the country by earning from foreign markets. What loss did Asad Owaisi suffer from this? The Heera Group played a vital role in serving the community, much like Owaisi’s own initiatives. The deliberate efforts to sabotage the company through conspiracy and forgery are staggering. It appears Owaisi could not tolerate the success and influence of the Heera Group, viewing it as a threat to his own interests. His actions targeted not only the company’s leadership but also harmed countless ordinary investors who relied on the company for their financial well-being. The obstruction of justice, the illegal freezing of assets, and the fraudulent occupation of properties indicate a coordinated effort to dismantle the Heera Group by any means necessary. This is not merely a corporate rivalry; it is a calculated attack on the livelihoods of millions, driven by greed and the desire for unchecked power. Why have the authorities allowed this charade to continue for so long? From 2012 to 2016, the Heera Group endured intense scrutiny, yet nothing incriminating was found. Subordinate courts from 2018 to 2019 similarly found no wrongdoing. From 2019 to 2020, the High Court of Telangana implied the company was unjustly targeted, suggesting any scrutiny should have involved the Serious Fraud Investigation Office (SFIO). From 2020 to 2021, the Supreme Court thoroughly examined the case and concluded the Heera Group had committed no wrongdoing, expressing pity for the agencies involved and highlighting the victimization of the Heera Group. This decade-long legal battle underscores the baselessness of the allegations against the Heera Group. Despite repeated judicial examinations, no evidence of wrongdoing was found. Instead, the company faced unwarranted harassment, likely motivated by malicious intent rather than genuine concern for legal or financial impropriety. The incoming government must take swift action to rectify this injustice, unfreeze the company’s assets, and hold accountable those responsible for this baseless witch hunt. The Heera Group and its stakeholders deserve restitution and an apology for the undue hardship they have endured. This case is a stark reminder of the need for transparency, accountability, and integrity within our legal and regulatory systems, ensuring no other entity suffers similar persecution in the future.
In summary, whether the NDA or the U.P.A forms the government, both need to consider why there was a need to launch a vicious attack against a company that provided relief to the country and its citizens. If the NDA forms the government, it should leverage its ten years of previous experience to uncover all the issues that remained hidden for various reasons during those years. If the I.N.D.I.A Alliance forms the government, it must pay attention to the parties joining its alliance and their relationship with the public. It must ensure that anti-national and Muslim extremist elements like Asad Owaisi do not infiltrate the India government. Such elements, with their malicious influence, could nurture their vile agendas, undermining the country and its people from within the government itself.

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