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Aalima Dr. Nowhera Shaikh’s reaction begins against the illegal occupation of Heera Group’s properties by land mafias. FIR has been filed.

Hyderabad, June 28, 2024 – This press conference aims to shed light on the severe issue of land grabbing in Hyderabad City, which has resulted in significant distress and injustice for lawful property owners. I, Aalima Dr. Nowhera Shaikh, the legal title owner of the properties in question, am here to expose the illegal activities and seek justice for myself and the investors of Heera Groups of Companies (HG).  In 2015-2016, I legally purchased approximately 40,000 sq. yards of land in Tollichowki, Hyderabad, from SA Builders Sayyad Akhtar. These properties, registered under Heera Retails Hyderabad Private LTD with GHMC approved layout plans, were acquired through legitimate financial means, including Demand Drafts, Cheques, and RTGS transfers. All transactions were duly recorded, and the properties were registered in my name and the company’s name. I am the legal and rightful owner of these properties. However, during my incarceration due to unrelated legal issues, certain influential political figures took advantage of my absence. These individuals, posing as fake Nawabs, produced fraudulent decrees to usurp my properties. I challenged these bogus claims in the Hon’ble High Court (HC) and the Hon’ble Supreme Court (SC) of India. Both esteemed courts have since annulled these uncontested decrees, confirming the legitimacy of my ownership.  Despite these clear judicial rulings, these unscrupulous individuals, backed by powerful political allies, have continued their attempts to pressure me into selling these properties at unfairly low prices. In 2016-2017, amidst immense coercion, I refused to sell the properties at such undervalued rates. A total of 22 deed registrations, encompassing both commercial and residential properties, were completed. All GHMC approvals, Encumbrance Certificates (EC), and tax receipts are registered in my name. Due to my incarceration, encroachments were carried out by these individuals. Despite the properties being officially attached by the Directorate of Enforcement, these goons managed to trespass and seize my properties illegally. Since my release on January 21, 2021, my primary focus has been on the investors of Heera Groups of Companies. I approached the Hon’ble SC, highlighting these issues, and obtained an order to demarcate the properties belonging to Heera Groups of Companies. Regrettably, no essential actions have been taken to enforce this order. Illegal constructions continue unabated on some of the lands. Some lands are being misused as football grounds, while others have seen the illegal erection of sheds. These properties are crucial for repaying the investors of HG. I have already submitted this information to the Hon’ble SC, yet no substantial action has been undertaken.As a woman, I am particularly vulnerable to these aggressive tactics. The perpetrators are exploiting this perceived weakness, preventing me from accessing and selling my properties, which are essential for repaying HG investors. This ongoing harassment has persisted for years. One specific case involves Badla Ganesh, a tenant who rented the property and now falsely claims ownership. This property, too, rightfully belongs to me. Additionally, IO Khawaja Moinuddin has conducted a fake registration of a property that was attached by the Directorate of Enforcement during my incarceration. Despite these clear violations, appropriate actions remain absent.

None of the trespassers possess any legitimate documents to substantiate their claims over the said properties. Their fraudulent activities are entirely baseless and illegal.This press conference marks a pivotal moment for Heera Groups of Companies. By bringing these facts to light, we aim to garner the attention of the entire world and expose the harsh realities we face. Our fight is not just for personal justice but also for the rights of HG investors who have been waiting for their rightful dues.

Detailed Summary of the Situation:

  1. Legitimate Purchase and Ownership:

   – The land in Tollichowki, Hyderabad, was purchased in 2015-2016 from SA Builders Sayyad Akhtar.

   – Registered under Heera Retails Hyderabad Private LTD, the properties were acquired through DD, Cheque, and RTGS.

   – All transactions were transparent and recorded, confirming my legal ownership.

  1. Exploitation During Incarceration:

   – Influential political figures exploited my legal issues to produce fake decrees.

   – These decrees were challenged and annulled by the Hon’ble HC and SC, reaffirming my ownership.

   – Despite this, pressure to sell the properties at undervalued rates in 2016-2017 was immense.

  1. Illegal Encroachments:

   – During my incarceration, encroachments were made on the properties.

   – Despite attachment by the Directorate of Enforcement, goons trespassed and seized my land.

   – Since my release, I have sought to protect and utilize these properties for the benefit of HG investors.

  1. Judicial Intervention:

   – Post-release, I approached the Hon’ble SC, which ordered the demarcation of HG properties.

   – However, illegal constructions and misuse of the land persist due to lack of enforcement.

   – My efforts to highlight these issues have not yet resulted in substantial actions.

  1. Ongoing Harassment and Legal Battles:

   – As a woman, I face heightened vulnerability to these aggressive tactics.

   – Specific cases, like that of Badla Ganesh and IO Khawaja Moinuddin, illustrate the ongoing fraudulent activities.

   – No trespasser has valid documentation to support their claims.

Call to Action: – Immediate and stringent actions are needed against these illegal activities.

– Enforcement of judicial orders to remove encroachments and illegal constructions.

– Restoration of properties to their rightful owners to facilitate the repayment of HG investors.

– Recognition and protection of my legal rights as the rightful property owner.

Conclusion: This press conference is a crucial step towards seeking justice and exposing the rampant land grabbing in Hyderabad. By bringing these issues to the forefront, we aim to garner global attention and support in our fight for the rights of HG investors and lawful property ownership. Our resolve remains steadfast, and we call upon the authorities to uphold the rule of law and deliver justice.

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