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Heera Group: Seeking Justice and Protection Against Land Encroachment

"Governments, agencies, and administration remain silent spectators.”

Hyderabad, (PRESS RELEASE – Mutiur Rahman Aziz) June 28, 2024 – Heera Retail (Hyderabad) Pvt. Ltd. stands firm in its commitment to uphold its legal rights and protect its property amidst ongoing challenges posed by unauthorized land encroachments and violence. The company, which has endured a complex legal and physical battle, now urgently calls for immediate action from local authorities to halt illegal activities and ensure the implementation of court orders.

Background and Legal Journey: The journey of Heera Group with the contested land began in December 2015 when Heera Retail (Hyderabad) Pvt. Ltd. lawfully purchased the land from S.A. Builders and Developers. This legitimate transaction, however, was soon mired in controversy and legal battles, which have continued to date. In October 2018, a conspiracy allegedly orchestrated by land grabbers, local mafias, and certain police officials resulted in the arrest of the CEO of Heera Group. This event marked the beginning of a prolonged struggle for justice and legal clarity. Despite these adversities, Heera Group sought judicial intervention and received a favorable order from the High Court for the State of Telangana at Hyderabad on December 23, 2019. This order underscored the legitimacy of Heera Group’s claim to the property, providing a legal foundation for their continued possession and use of the land. Enforcement Directorate and Supreme Court Intervention: In August 2019, further complications arose when the Enforcement Directorate attached the disputed land. This move added another layer of legal challenges for Heera Group, which has always maintained its innocence and rightful ownership of the property. The resilience of Heera Group’s leadership was demonstrated again when the CEO was granted bail in January 2021. Following the Supreme Court’s directive, the CEO resumed the survey of properties and took possession of the land, ensuring peaceful possession. This period marked a significant phase of reclamation and reassertion of legal rights by Heera Group. The Supreme Court continued to play a pivotal role in the saga, ordering the demarcation of the property on December 5, 2022. This demarcation was meticulously carried out on January 25, 2023, by the Deputy Director, Survey and Land Records, in the presence of officials from the Revenue Department and the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC), under police protection. The involvement of these various government bodies highlighted the complexity and significance of the case, as well as the need for clear, authoritative action to resolve the disputes. Escalation of Violence and Illegal Encroachments: Despite these legal victories, Heera Group faced violent attacks and illegal encroachments, escalating the physical and legal risks associated with the property. On the night of January 13, 2024, a group of unknown individuals violently attacked the property. The attackers, who arrived in two trucks, assaulted security personnel, broke locks, and forcibly brought women onto the property to complicate the situation. This brutal incident was promptly reported to Film Nagar PS via FIR No. 35/2024, dated January 13, 2024. The involvement of women in the incident suggests a deliberate attempt to create a more complex and difficult-to-manage situation for the authorities and Heera Group. The situation further deteriorated on June 26, 2024, when it was discovered that unknown individuals had unlawfully occupied portions of the land and were engaging in unauthorized construction activities. During a site visit, Heera Group’s team faced threats and antisocial behavior from these encroachers, an incident that was immediately reported to the authorities by dialling 100. These ongoing activities pose a significant threat to the safety and security of Heera Group’s employees and the integrity of the property.

Demand for Immediate and Decisive Action: Given the severity and urgency of the situation, Heera Group respectfully requests the following actions from the esteemed authorities:

  1. Immediate Halt to Unauthorized Construction and Removal of Encroachers: The ongoing unauthorized construction and encroachment activities must be stopped immediately. The encroachers have unlawfully broken the back wall to gain access and have placed construction materials on the land despite the gates being locked. It is imperative that local law enforcement acts swiftly to curtail these unlawful activities and protect the property rights of Heera Group. The integrity of the rule of law and the protection of property rights depend on swift and decisive action.
  2. Demolition of Unauthorized Structures: Two buildings have already been constructed, and a third is under construction on the encroached land, including commercial premises such as Saba Hotel and Leo 11 Sports Ground Club. Heera Group requests the demolition of these unauthorized structures to restore the integrity of the property. These buildings not only represent a blatant disregard for the law but also pose a significant financial and operational burden on Heera Group, which must be addressed urgently.
  3. Assistance in Property Protection: To prevent further encroachment and ensure the security of the property, Heera Group seeks assistance in protecting the land from illegal activities and threats posed by antisocial elements. The presence of security personnel and law enforcement officers is crucial in maintaining a safe environment and deterring further illegal activities.
  4. Implementation of Court Orders: The support of the authorities is crucial in implementing the orders of the Honourable Supreme Court and Telangana High Court. Upholding these legal directives will reinforce the rule of law and ensure that Heera Group’s legal rights are protected. Compliance with court orders is essential to demonstrate the authority and effectiveness of the judicial system in resolving such disputes.

 Conclusion: Heera Group’s ordeal underscores the critical need for robust legal protections and swift action against land encroachments. The company remains committed to upholding its legal rights and ensuring the safety and integrity of its property. Heera Group calls upon local authorities, law enforcement, and the judicial system to act decisively to halt unauthorized activities and enforce court orders, thereby safeguarding the principles of justice and property rights.

 For media inquiries, please contact: Public Relations Office, Heera Group  , [Contact Information] Email Address:, Phone Number: +917075855580, About Heera Group: Heera Group is a prominent business conglomerate with diverse interests spanning retail, real estate, and various other sectors. The group is committed to ethical business practices, legal compliance, and the protection of its stakeholders’ rights and interests. This expanded press release aims to convey the urgency and severity of the situation faced by Heera Group while highlighting the company’s legal battles, the recent violent incidents, and the pressing need for immediate action from the authorities. It provides a comprehensive overview of the company’s challenges, the legal interventions, and the specific demands for justice and protection, ensuring that all stakeholders are fully informed of the ongoing issues and the necessary steps required to resolve them.

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