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The Shaheen Group of Institutions provides specialized education for students from madrasas, fostering academic growth in a culturally sensitive atmosphere.

For students from traditional learning backgrounds, Dr. Abdul Qadeer and Madrasa Plus serve as key centers for higher education.

Writer : Mutiur Rahman Aziz: 9911853902

From the esteemed platform of the Shaheen Group of Institutions, the illustrious endeavors of the esteemed educationist, Dr. Abdul Qadeer Sahib, heralds a golden era in the annals of our nation’s educational narrative. With an unwavering commitment to fostering the intellectual growth of our youth, Dr. Abdul Qadeer Sahib has etched his legacy upon the pages of history. Through his visionary leadership, the Shaheen Group has transcended conventional boundaries, imparting modern education to over twenty thousand children within the embrace of their religious milieu. This noble feat stands as a testament to dispelling the fallacy that scholars and guardians are incapable of embracing progressive educational paradigms. Year after year, hundreds of Quran memorizers and erudite scholars, irrespective of gender, are bestowed with the jewels of contemporary education. With resolute determination and foresight, they ascend to prominent positions within the esteemed government institutions of our nation, symbolizing strength and vitality akin to majestic lions. May the divine blessings of Allah Ta’ala encompass Dr. Abdul Qadeer Sahib and his esteemed administrators, shielding them from the malevolent gaze of the envious and safeguarding them from the treachery and deceit of malicious adversaries. It Is a universal truth that those who strive for lofty aspirations inevitably encounter the snares of conspirators. Yet, amidst these challenges, Dr. Abdul Qadeer Sahib stands as a beacon of enlightenment, diligently disseminating the radiance of higher education across the nation and beyond. From the distinguished platform of the Shaheen Group of Institutions, Dr. Abdul Qadeer Sahib exemplifies a strategic vision and foresight unparalleled in the realms of academia. His pioneering efforts in advancing educational paradigms transcend geographical boundaries, elevating the Shaheen Group to unprecedented heights of acclaim and recognition, not only within India but on a global scale. The underlying intention behind this composition is to provide guidance to aspiring students contemplating higher education. Furthermore, it serves as an impassioned plea to the spirited citizens of our nation to safeguard the uninterrupted flow of educational advancement within our country. It is imperative to recognize that the fortification of this noble cause requires collective effort; no individual stands alone in this endeavor. With united resolve and concerted action, the preservation of this educational momentum can be ensured. Let it be known that when like-minded individuals join forces, their voices resonate with clarity and authority, thus ensuring that their concerns are duly acknowledged and addressed. s students from Madrasahs nationwide embark on their annual examinations, contemplations may arise within their hearts regarding the direction of their educational journey. Amidst such introspection, the question may arise: to continue on the current path or explore alternative avenues while engaging in lighter pursuits? For those grappling with these deliberations, the Shaheen Group of Institutions stands as a beacon of assistance and support across all echelons of academia. With a commitment to nurturing holistic growth and fostering individual potential, Shaheen Group offers a sanctuary for those seeking guidance and direction in their educational pursuits. Dr. Abdul Qadeer Sahib, under the auspices of Madrasa Plus, has orchestrated a commendable initiative, linking numerous educational establishments nationwide. Within these institutions, children are not only imbued with traditional religious teachings but also nurtured with the tools of modern education. With meticulous planning and a spirit of inclusivity, Dr. Abdul Qadeer Sahib has facilitated the integration of Madrasahs into the Madrasa Plus network, ensuring accessibility through discounted means. Furthermore, institutes participating in the Madrasa Plus program offer comprehensive syllabi tailored to prepare students for competitive examinations, thus equipping them with the skills necessary for success in various spheres of academia. Dr. Abdul Qadeer has diligently curated a team of expert educators, entrusting them with significant responsibilities. In addition to academic prowess, he has implemented a comprehensive system for evaluating both deserving and underprivileged students, complemented by endorsements from local dignitaries. Notably, a structured framework for fee concessions has been devised to facilitate the educational journey of these students. Yesterday, in a moment of contemplation, I fervently pray for Allah’s benevolence upon Dr. Abdul Qadeer Sahib, granting him longevity and continued success. Looking ahead, it is envisioned that within the span of a decade, the educational landscape of our nation will undergo a transformative evolution, with heightened standards of excellence prevailing. It is anticipated that governmental institutions will resoundingly acknowledge the pivotal role played by luminaries such as Sir Syed Dr. Abdul Qadeer Sahib and the esteemed Shaheen Institute in elevating the caliber of education across the nation.As a journalist, I have traveled to the Shaheen Group of Institutions many times. And in the future, I will keep trying to go there and see the educational qualities and arrangements there and spread it in the nation. My aim behind these efforts is to awaken the spirit of higher education among the children of the nation and the country, and especially among the children of madrasas, who are dreaming with a hidden desire in their hearts, but in the hands of poverty. There is no other choice. Rest assured that any student harboring aspirations for higher education need not resign themselves to disillusionment due to perceived limitations. The dynamic institutions within the Shaheen Group, including the transformative Madrasa Plus initiative, stand as beacons of opportunity, operating at full capacity to accommodate and nurture the dreams of ambitious individuals. Moreover, for those desiring to partake in the educational offerings within the Shaheen campus located in the vibrant city of Bidar, Karnataka, avenues for revitalizing their aspirations abound. By simply navigating to the website of the esteemed Shaheen Group of Institutions, students can embark on a journey towards realizing their academic aspirations and breathing new life into their ambitions.One thing I do not feel at all embarrassed to say is that there are many children who are hopeless in attaining higher education either because of their poor early education or mental upbringing. Although such weak children also have a high goal of acquiring knowledge, but due to mental weakness, they suffer from disappointment. Dr. Abdul Qadeer Sahib has implemented complete arrangements in Shaheen Group of Institutions and Madrasa Plus to bring such children out of despair and awaken the desire for higher education in them. The section called AICU puts four moons in the desperate life of these vulnerable children who suffer from extreme despair. During Ramadan, I visited Shaheen Group of Institutions Bidar. During a meeting facilitated by the esteemed Public Relations Officer, Mr. Abdul Rahman Azmi Sahib, I had the privilege of conversing with a young student. When prompted to share insights about himself, the child humbly recounted his educational journey, highlighting the challenges he encountered while studying at a seminary. However, with a sense of pride and gratitude, the young student expressed the transformative impact of gaining admission to the prestigious Shaheen Group Bidar Campus. Remarkably, he revealed that his recent examination results bore testament to this positive change, as he achieved a commendable 67% marks—an achievement that surpassed his previous academic endeavors.In essence, individuals bestowed with the opportunity to engage in Dr. Abdul Qadeer Sahib’s educational crusade are privileged indeed. Whether extending mentorship to aspiring students or fortifying the esteemed Shaheen Group of Institutions, every individual is encouraged to step forward and contribute. It is a noble endeavor that beckons the collective support and participation of all those committed to the advancement of education and the empowerment of future generations. Dr. Abdul Qadeer Sahib has embarked upon a pioneering journey, exemplifying remarkable leadership by taking the initial and monumental strides towards educational reform. It is incumbent upon each individual to contribute their share towards this noble campaign and overarching cause, thereby collectively enhancing the quality of education within our nation and beyond. In an era where education is often commodified, Dr. Abdul Qadeer Sahib’s altruistic dedication to national service stands as a beacon of admiration and aspiration. His selfless commitment to fostering educational excellence is truly commendable and serves as an inspiration to all. With heartfelt prayers and sincerest regards, with the prayer of  Mutiur Rahman Aziz, may the benevolent efforts of Dr. Abdul Qadeer Sahib continue to inspire positive change and upliftment within our society.

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