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Mohammad Naseem and Mohammad Irshad from the Ghaziabad district of Uttar Pradesh An individual has been elected to the esteemed position of Minority Affairs Officer within the AIMEP organization

New Delhi : In a recent development within the political realm, New Delhi witnessed the appointment of Mohammad Naseem and Mohammad Irshad to pivotal roles within the All India Mahila Empowerment Party, representing the Ghaziabad district of Uttar Pradesh. Mohammad Naseem assumed the esteemed position of district president, while Mohammad Irshad was elected as the vice president, signifying a significant step towards fostering gender empowerment and minority representation in the region. Under the auspices of the All India Minority Affairs Office in Wazirabad, Delhi, the venerable Mutiur Rahman Aziz, serving as the All India President for Minority Affairs, graciously issued a press release to announce these appointments. It was declared with utmost reverence that Muhammad Naseem had been duly elected as the district president, embodying a beacon of leadership, while Muhammad Irshad had been entrusted with the role of vice president, symbolizing a testament to the party’s commitment to inclusivity and equitable representation. Following their successful election, Matiur Rahman Aziz extended heartfelt congratulations to his esteemed colleagues, Muhammad Naseem and Muhammad Irshad. In a gesture of solidarity and support, he conveyed the esteemed blessings of our revered leaders, Dr. Nowhera Shaikh, the luminary guiding our All India Mahila Empowerment Party, and All India Mahila Empowerment part’s supremo. These auspicious well-wishes are poised to resonate across the nation, serving as a source of inspiration for all. With unwavering determination, it is affirmed that every effort will be made to amplify the voices of the people from the highest echelons of governance to the humblest corners of the country. Empowered by the confidence bestowed upon them, their resolve is fortified to transform aspirations into tangible relief measures for the populace, thus illuminating the path towards a brighter future for all.
Upon receipt of the post, Muhammad Naseem humbly expressed his gratitude to the divine and extended heartfelt appreciation to the esteemed party leadership, notably acknowledging the invaluable guidance of Dr. Nowhera Sheikh. He graciously credited the party’s dedicated and dynamic worker, Mutiur Rahman Aziz, for bestowing upon him this esteemed honor. Naseem pledged his utmost dedication to fulfilling the party’s expectations while upholding the integrity of his new role. He articulated his commitment to fostering unity, love, and fraternity among the nation’s populace, alongside the revered Aalima Dr. Nowhera Sheikh, through collective efforts and harmonious collaboration. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the All India Mahila Empowerment Party for their unwavering commitment to fostering unity and harmony amidst the current challenging sociopolitical landscape. In a time marked by discord, their steadfast dedication to promoting inclusivity and understanding is truly commendable. Embracing a blend of compassion and solidarity has become imperative, as our nation has historically served as a bastion of tranquility, where people from diverse backgrounds coexist harmoniously, transcending religious and cultural divides. It is imperative that we endeavor to revive the ethos of compassion and inclusivity that has defined our nation for millennia, fostering a renewed sense of unity among its inhabitants.
Muhammad Irshad, newly appointed as the vice-president representing Ghaziabad district, expressed his gratitude to the party leadership, notably acknowledging the support of esteemed figure Aalima Dr. Nowhera Sheikh. He extended warm congratulations to Matiur Rahman Aziz. He remarked on the remarkable journey of the All India Mahila Empowerment Party, highlighting their success in engaging the general populace. He expressed profound satisfaction and a sense of duty to raise awareness about civic rights, emphasizing a commitment to engage with communities in public spaces, including frequented intersections and, notably, community hubs such as tea shops where informal gatherings occur.

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Paigam Madre Watan

Mutiur Rahman Aziz assumed the role of President for the All India Minority Wing through a fair and just  selection process.

Paigam Madre Watan

عالمہ ڈاکٹر نوہیرا شیخ خوشحال بھارت کا وژن

Paigam Madre Watan

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