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S.A Builders: The ruthless overlords of Hyderabad’s land, reigning without a crown, but with the iron fist of a mafia.

Syed Akhtar embroiled in intense scrutiny by the ED, implicating not only himself but also conniving local political figures.

New Delhi ( News Release Mutiur Rahman Aziz) The annals of history bear witness to the notoriety that has long plagued the soil of Hyderabad, etching a legacy of infamy that persists into contemporary times. Present-day denizens cannot feign ignorance to the litany of ignoble deeds that stain the once noble land of Deccan Hyderabad. Among the sordid tales that echo through its corridors are those of rampant land usurpation, insidious political machinations, and betrayal that seep into the very marrow of its existence. This fertile ground has become a breeding ground for the cultivation of animosity, fostering a climate of disdain towards its own heritage among the populace nationwide. Amidst its borders, thrive the executioners of fraternity, reaping discord and sowing seeds of enmity with impunity. It was upon this treacherous soil that the illustrious reign of Shaheed Hazrat Tipu Sultan was toppled, and the feral claws of betrayal dug deep into the back of the Mysore tiger, sealing the fate of a once-proud legacy. In the heartland of Deccan Hyderabad, a realm where waqf properties reign supreme, a stark and unsettling reality unfolds: while these sanctified lands are meant for the welfare of the community, a staggering 75% has been unlawfully seized by the impoverished denizens. A chilling prophecy looms over this embattled terrain, foretelling that the sparks of a nation’s civil strife shall ignite upon its very soil. From this crucible of dissent, venomous diatribes and incendiary rhetoric are unleashed, polluting the airwaves with seeds of hatred and division. Thus, echoing the lament of the revered Eastern sage, Allama Iqbal, who denounced this land as the breeding ground of treachery and shame, where betrayers like Mir Sadiq earned infamy by betraying the noble Tipu Sultan of the Hyderabad Deccan state. Presently, in the hallowed precincts of Hyderabad Deccan, adherents of vice and depravity continue to flourish, unabashedly setting new benchmarks of moral degradation with impunity. Astonishingly, these purveyors of sin roam the streets unhindered, their nefarious deeds casting a dark shadow over the nation. What is more appalling is the insidious symbiosis that exists between these malefactors and the entrenched power structures, forging unholy alliances with local potentates and parliamentary dignitaries. Under the guise of mutual understanding and partnership, these alliances serve as conduits of corruption and moral decay, corroding the very fabric of society.
Chief Syed Akhtar of SA Builders is meticulously leveraging his connections with influential Hyderabadi politicians to establish a reign of unparalleled corruption. SA Builders, infamous since its inception, epitomizes the epitome of unscrupulous business practices. Six years hence, on this very day, the sanctity of Syed Akhtar’s abode was violated by a thorough Income Tax raid, unearthing a plethora of illicit documents and substantial caches of undisclosed wealth. Similarly, on August 5, 2020, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) unleashed its scrutiny upon Syed Akhtar of SA Builders, issuing a resounding notice demanding accountability for transactions amounting to a staggering 148 crores, a summons that remains conspicuously unaddressed to this day. Concurrently, a litany of accusations besieged Syed Akhtar and his cohort at SA Builders, implicating them in a web of illicit construction endeavors. A decade prior, Syed Akhtar brazenly erected multistoried edifices upon vast swaths of land, usurping rightful ownership while the legitimate proprietors remained oblivious. The brazen audacity with which SA Builders wields its influence, ensnaring local dignitaries in its web of corruption, renders the prospect of legal retribution a mere illusion. Hence, to dub Syed Akhtar Malik, the kingpin of SA Builders, as anything less than the despot reigning over the Hyderabad landscape would be a gross misrepresentation of reality.
The investigation has unearthed a nefarious scheme orchestrated by Syed Akhtar of SA Builders, involving the fraudulent acquisition of land originally belonging to the Hera Group of Companies. Prior to seizing the land, Syed Akhtar had Dr. Nowhera Shaikh, the rightful owner of the Hera Group, ensnared in baseless legal entanglements, detaining him unjustly. Upon receiving directives from his clandestine benefactors indicating a prolonged absence of Dr. Nowhera Shaikh, Syed Akhtar swiftly proceeded to erect numerous high-rise structures across the expansive terrain. The calculated objective behind this flagrant act of usurpation was to capitalize on the protracted absence of the legitimate landowners, ensuring the construction and subsequent sale of flats prior to their eventual return. The swift exoneration of the Hera Group of Companies from unwarranted scrutiny cast a glaring light on the insidious collusion between the land mafia spearheaded by Syed Akhtar and the SA Builders’ enterprise. Despite the glaring evidence of illicit construction upon usurped land, the brazen display of impunity displayed by Syed Akhtar’s cabal serves as a harrowing indictment of the moral bankruptcy permeating society. The erosion of trust in humanity is not merely a consequence of the flagrant illegality of erecting dwellings upon another’s rightful domain, but also a testament to the unfathomable betrayal inflicted upon unsuspecting buyers who, through toil and sacrifice, invested their life savings in what they believed to be legitimate homes. The callous disregard for the sanctity of property rights and the welfare of fellow citizens epitomizes a level of treachery that defies comprehension and undermines the very fabric of civilized society. The inevitable relocation of SA Builders and Syed Akhtar following the sale of the illicitly constructed flats merely serves to highlight the flagrant impunity with which they operate. However, the true travesty lies in the plight of the unsuspecting individuals who, guided by misplaced trust, transacted with Syed Akhtar. These innocent souls, now left adrift in the wake of deceit and exploitation, face a grim reality devoid of security and stability. The callous disregard for the wellbeing of those who placed their faith in Syed Akhtar’s integrity underscores the depths of moral depravity permeating his enterprise. Such egregious betrayal not only shatters lives but also casts a damning shadow upon the very essence of trust and goodwill in society.
Syed Akhtar has emerged as a living testament to the pervasive scourge of corruption and dishonesty that blights the landscape of Hyderabad. His towering presence serves as a chilling reminder of the depths to which moral bankruptcy can sink. Thanks to the likes of Syed Akhtar, the very foundation of trust upon which society is built has been eroded, instilling a pervasive atmosphere of fear and apprehension among potential investors. In a climate poisoned by the nefarious activities of SA Builders and Syed Akhtar, even the most minuscule financial ventures are fraught with uncertainty and peril. The brazen display of corruption and treachery at every turn serves as a sobering indictment of the moral decay that festers unchecked in the heart of society. Syed Akhtar’s unparalleled influence and iron grip within government circles serve as a stark testament to his mastery of manipulation and coercion. His audacious maneuvering extends beyond mere bureaucratic corridors, exemplified by his brazen confrontation with the highest echelons of judicial authority. Following the controversial sale of a vast expanse of land in SA Colony, Syed Akhtar’s temerity knew no bounds as he dared to bring his case before the hallowed chambers of the Supreme Court. However, his hubris was swiftly met with resounding rebuke as the esteemed justices of the highest court castigated and dismissed him with disdain. This ignominious episode reverberates as a poignant reminder of the limits of power and the enduring principles of justice that transcend even the most formidable adversaries.

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