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"AIMEP Karnataka State Office graciously orchestrates the unveiling ceremony of the ‘Bharat Vision Booklet’.

"Dr. Nowhera Shaikh’s visionary ideals stand as a source of immense pride for India, as expressed by Iftikhar Sharif.”

"New Delhi (Release/Matiur Rahman Aziz): In a splendid event orchestrated by the All India Mahila Empowerment Party at the Karnataka State Office in Bangalore today, the much-anticipated launch of the booklet titled “Dr. Nowhera Shaikh’s Vision for India” came to fruition. The program, presided over by the esteemed Karnataka State President Mr. Iftikhar Sharif, unfolded gracefully. In attendance were key figures such as Mr. Abdul Rahman, the Election Incharge for Karnataka, Mr. Pasha, the State General Secretary, Imran Pehelwan, the State Secreta’y, Mr. Munir Ahmed, an Office Bearer, and Syed Kamran, the dynamic Karnataka Youth President, alongside other dedicated members. This significant gathering, orchestrated under Mr. Sharif’s leadership, brought forth a symphony of insightful perspectives and collaborative efforts, symbolizing the party’s unwavering commitment to progressive ideals and visionary initiatives. The event marked a harmonious blend of intellectual discourse and shared enthusiasm, fostering an atmosphere of shared dedication towards Dr. Nowhera Shaikh’s visionary goals for a thriving India. In a compelling address during the program, State President Mr. Iftikhar Sharif eloquently highlighted the profound initiatives encapsulated in the visionary pursuits of All India Mahila Empowerment Party’s President, Dr. Nowhera Sheikh. He underscored the commendable and exemplary nature of these initiatives, embodying virtues worthy of emulation. Mr. Sharif emphasized the inclusivity of these visionary ideals, transcending societal strata, which sets them apart from the conventional practices of political parties in India. Dr. Nowhera Sheikh’s holistic vision for India, shared regularly among the populace, reaffirms that the essence of political engagement should extend beyond mere electoral maneuvers.

It echoes a profound truth that electoral participation holds little significance for those committed to the noble cause of serving humanity. Furthermore, Mr. Sharif conveyed that an earnest intention, coupled with enlightened perspectives and a genuine love for the nation, should define the aspirations of political leaders, aligning with the remarkable example set by the party’s esteemed leader throughout her life. Our party supremo’s lifelong commitment to serving every stratum of our nation resonates with unwavering dedication. Even today, her endeavors are marked by tremendous zeal and persistence. Advancements in the field of education and the continual exploration of innovative approaches reflect a visionary commitment that elevates her vision for India to unparalleled heights. Similarly, her laudable efforts in providing clean and potable water in diverse regions of the country stand as a testament to a level of leadership rarely found elsewhere. This steadfast dedication, coupled with a pioneering spirit, distinguishes her contributions, making her a beacon of progressive change. The strides made in education and the novel solutions introduced underscore the party’s continuous pursuit of excellence. Moreover, the provision of clean water exemplifies a rare dedication to the welfare of the people, setting a benchmark unmatched by other leaders.





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